1.5 Million Doses of the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Arrived Nepal from US

The United States has shipped 1.5 million doses of the Johnson and Johnson (JNJ.N) vaccine to Nepal, a White House official said Friday. As per the US Embassy Nepal , 1,534,850 doses of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine have arrived in Kathmandu on July 12.

Credit: US Embassy Nepal

The shipments are part of a pledge by the Biden government to share a first batch of 80 million U.S. vaccines worldwide amid concerns about the huge differences in vaccination rates between developed and developing countries.

This vaccine requires only one shot to be fully vaccinated, meaning 1.5 million people will soon be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in Nepal. This is one crucial step toward ending the pandemic, recuperating economic losses, and resuming the in-person social connections we all crave.

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The United States is competing with China to deepen its geopolitical influence through what is known as vaccine diplomacy, but insists that it does not share vaccines for favors or concessions, but to save lives and end the pandemic. A White House official said scientific teams and legal and regulatory authorities worked together to ensure the rapid delivery of safe and effective batches of vaccines to Bhutan and Nepal.

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