22 Cases of Black Fungus Have Been Reported in Nepal So Far

According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 22 cases of black fungus (mucosal mycosis)  have been reported in Nepal so far. According to Dr. Samir Adhikari, Information Officer of the Ministry, 22 people have been confirmed infected in different districts of Nepal. He said that he was not sure about the number of patients in the hospital. 

According to the hospital administration, 15 patients with mucormycosis have been admitted to the TU Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj so far. Eight of them are currently undergoing treatment, while one has died and the rest have been discharged. Rajendra Pradhanang also said that some of the discharged people have been sent home after undergoing eye surgery while others had to be sent home as they refused to undergo the surgery. He says those who return home after surgery are less likely to fully recover. “It does not mean that he will recover after the operation. We will clean the blood clots around the eyes and only then will we decide whether to operate or not”. 

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Most of the patients who come to us only come after many complications, so there is a problem in performing many surgeries,” he said. He also asked the general public to go to the hospital as soon as they have the symptoms or are suspected to be infected with black fungus. He also said that there is a shortage of amphotericin B for black fungus patients. Although this drug has been used for kala-azar patients, it has also been used for black fungus patients recently. Due to the lack of amphotericin B drug, Posaconazole is now being used as an alternative as per Dr. Pradhanang.

Dr Samir Adhikari, information officer at the ministry, said that the drug called amphotericin B, which has been used by people infected with black fungus, has run out and the ministry is in the process of purchasing the drug.

News Source: GorkhaPatra

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