5 Quality Nepali Guitar Brands To Choose From While Buying Your Next Guitar

With several choices in the market when it comes to buying a new guitar in Nepal, the cut-and-dried option to grab hold of has been foreign guitars for many years in the market. Even so, whether it be a beginner guitar, or high-end guitars solely crafted for professionals, both kinds are now available as products of Nepal.

While professional musicians tend to buy high-end guitars and often go with established foreign brands, it may be worthwhile to gaze upon guitars crafted in Nepal as well. Keeping in mind such premium quality acoustic guitars, let start with a look at the beautiful Maurice Paul Guitars made in Indra Chowk, Pokhara, Nepal.

Maurice Paul Guitars

Maurice Paul guitars sprang up in Australia put of Maurice Coutanceau’s passion for music, who started the project making classical guitars for Suzuki music schools in the USA. The interesting thing to note is that Maurice and Betty have close ties with a Tibetan Children’s Home, called Trust Home in Pokhara, Nepal.

This led him to teach his craftsmanship of building guitars to the Tibetan children from the Trush Home. After having his knowledge and skills passed on to these children, the company now provides means for Pasang Phunchock, Lakpa Wangdu, Renzing Choegyal and Mosha Tashi to make a living by making guitars.

For any professional musician looking for premium acoustic guitars, Maurice Paul Guitars might fulfil their needs. The guitars are even exported to players all over the world and have been getting good reviews. Speaking of the price, although we are unaware of how much they cost, one can always contact them to know the details.  

ST Custom Guitars

If you have a love for handcrafted custom electric, then ST Custom Guitars can do it for you. These guitars are targeted at professionals who want a great instrument, whether it be for live music or studio use. Given that the people who make these guitars are musicians in their own right, their craftsmanship when it comes to playability and feel can be understood from their “musician” perspective.

It is safe to assume that the makers of these guitars realize the need of what a particular guitar player wants, based on each player’s unique style and taste, and can deliver accordingly. 

ST Custom Guitars are made by the much-celebrated guitar player from Jindabaad, Sunny Tulhadar, and his brother Romus. Sunny, who is not only a fantastic craftsman but also a great guitar player, is well known for his iconic guitar solo in Atomic Bush’s Sano Prakash.  

Currently active in the band Jindabaad, the guitar player has been putting out influential tracks now and then in the rock music scene of Nepal. Just like his music, Sunny’s passion for making guitars is evident in the amount of work he puts into making these instruments. ST Custom Guitars not only makes guitars but also sell their own pickups. Keeping in mind the accessibility of the people who are involved in making the guitar, once you buy it, you can always contact them based on your needs.

Sahana Guitars

The best value for money that you get on the Nepali market while buying an electric guitar goes to Sahana Guitars, who make high-quality guitars designed for professional players at a very reasonable price. These guitars are factory made and are sold in Star Mall, Putalisadak. The company was formed by Sagun Bhattarai, who despite having studied Chartered Accountant( ACCA) from the UK, started this brand with Apurwa Raymajhi in 2012. 

What’s incredible about Sahana Guitars is that they are providing guitars of quality that would cost almost twice the price in the international market. There are several designs to choose from, and you can grab one for as low as 50,000 Nepali rupees. 

The accessibility of proper service is also what matters when you buy from any seller, which might be another reason to consider the company for your next purchase.

Mantra Guitar

Now, let’s talk about the most popular Nepali guitar brand in the market right now- the Mantra Guitar. These instruments are designed keeping in mind the beginners, who are looking for buying a new guitar to learn from, to the intermediate players who are still honing their skills.

The brand can be a great pick, as they are able to provide guitars that feel good on the hands of someone who is just picking up the instrument to learn, and that too at a pretty decent price range. One thing that you can’t go wrong about is the sense of security when buying these guitars if you’re a beginner because lots of people have bought, tested, and reviewed them.

Mantra Guitar is still growing and has created a brand image that people can trust. The service you get after purchasing one of their guitars is very impressive, as you not only get many freebies but also three free servicings added with a year of warranty. 

Founded Robin Sharma and Anup Sharma, who started working on the project in 2017, they have an interesting outlook on their company. 

We see that what Chaudary has been able to achieve with Wai Wai noodles, we see mantra guitar to be same in the musical instrument.

Manaslu Guitar

Coming to Manaslu Guitar, the company also designs guitars for beginners and intermediate players.  The guitars are crafted in China and the name “Manaslu” is intended to promote the Manaslu mountain. Besides guitars, they also sell guitars bags, capo, and ukuleles. 

The guitar was also featured in the popular rapper Girish Khatiwoda’s vlog. Girish, who tested the guitar in Treasure Music Store, was very impressed with its sound. 

Manaslu Guitar can be purchased in Kathmandu, Butwal, Birtamode and Pokhara. They also provide good warranty services and freebies when you buy the guitar.

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