5 YouTube Channels Aspiring Musicians Need To Subscribe Today

The internet has made learning new skills easier and made it possible for musicians to learn a lot of valuable things from online platforms. With the availability of free information, YouTube has become a great platform to craft your skill. For musicians, in particular, there are many layers of skillsets that are needed to sustain their career, and at the same time, keep sharpening their musicality.

Music, being a sophisticated form of art, demands competency in a multitude of areas, be it composing, dexterously playing an instrument, gigging, or even the basics of music recording and production, especially in the present day and age.

Given the fact that learning all these skills seems intimidating for an aspiring musician, there are many YouTube channels that specialize in one or more of these jobs. In this article, I present you with 5 YouTube channels to learn from.

Rick Beato

With his rising popularity on YouTube, Rick Beato has become a reliable figure in music education. His popular video series “What Makes This Song Great” features songs from several artists who have left a mark in the music industry. Beato, who started the channel for educating people about music theory and ear training breaks down the songs and analyses individual elements inherent in them in detail.

This fragmentary interpretation of music has helped people incorporate some of the things they learned from the greatest songwriters into their own songs. Beato also has several other informative videos on his channels related to music production, as well as informative talks on various subject matters. On top of all that, the channel features interviews of many influential musical figures from a songwriting perspective.

David Bennet Piano

Just like Rick Beato’s videos, David, the full-time pianist from southern England, makes educational videos mostly related to music theory and analysis of different songs. One thing to note is that not all students of music theory focus on the same things while breaking down and studying a song. This is why it’s worthwhile to watch the kind of videos David makes despite being covered by other YouTubers like Rick. Getting perspective from multiple experts gives a rise to even more different ideas that you can use in composition.

To cut long story short, if you want to increase your chord vocabulary, sharpen your sense of melody and understand the structure and arrangements of some of the best songs ever written, then you must visit David Bennet Piano YouTube channel.

Marty Music

When I first picked up the guitar, I had no clue how to play those sick and tasty riffs that I grew up listening to. The only popular YouTube channel with guitar lessons at that time was Marty Music. All my peers who play the guitar know his name, or at least recognize him as ‘”the hat guy who plays the guitar.” Marty’s channel is amazing for learning riffs that define rock n’ roll.

If you’re into songwriting, you know that the melody and harmonies are an integral part of a song. Having said that, the way you drive the rhythm section in a groovy way adds much more character to the song. For any guitar player, learning the riffs of the most influential players can help shape their own riff-writing skills, and Marty’s channel has loads of content teaching you to do so.

Rhett Shull

Rhett Shull is an Atlanta/Nashville-based guitar player who has appeared on Rick Beato’s channel on numerous occasions. Interestingly, Shull got an internship in Beato’s studio and not only learned production skills but also got a gig with the South Californian singer-songwriter, Noah Guthrie. Although Rhett’s channel is mostly comprised of videos related to guitar tones, gear reviews, and a playlist of the “The Backstage Journal Podcast”, his life as a gigging musician caters for passionate touring vlogs “The Backstage Journal Tour Vlog.”

These videos contextualize the experiences of traveling places and playing music and the thrill behind it, which is both refreshing and stimulating for people who want to live that life. All of his backstage journal vlogs end with the same message- “There is no plan B.”

Inside the Score

Although most videos on Inside the Score are based on classical music, they can be a great tool for composers of any genre. Rockstars and pop stars have been constantly influenced by great classical composers like Bach, Mozart, and Chopin. 

The use of melody, building up harmonies, and layering several pieces together makes the classical music arrangements sophisticated and articulate. Besides classical musicians, Inside the Score provides valuable insights to musicians of all genres to improve their compositions and approaches to making music. Besides that, if you’re more into classical compositions and film scoring, the channel can help you out in many different ways.

Musicians need to keep learning and sharpen their skills. At the same time, they’ve also got to keep the spark of their passion alive, which is why these YouTube channels can be of great assistance.

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