Abdul Ali Is Still Alive In Squid Game And Will Return In Season 2 As Anti Villain

Squid Game, a surprise hit series from Netflix is reigning in the world of streaming and stealing hearts around the world. Aside from the titular characters played by Park Hae-Soo and Lee Jung-Jae, fans are in love with the performance of the innocent and too good for the game Paki character named Abdul Ali ( played by Anupam Tripathi).

Originally from India, the actor became a beloved part of the show to fans all over right after the Squid Game premiered on September 16. As he shared to Variety,

I still remember, September 17, 2021, 4 p.m., my life was OK, but after 5 p.m., it became huge, humongous — suddenly everyone was messaging me and it was ‘Ali.

Yes, the name Ali is synonymous with the history-making Squid Game but this character met a very heartbreaking fate towards the end of the show. Although I’m sure the reader has finished binging on this adrenaline-pumping show, let’s remind all that the end of Ali came after a heavy-hearted betrayal in an episode name Gganbu that left viewers around the world weeping like a baby.

The emotional toll the sixth episode of Squid Game took on us viewers was immeasurable but very evident. Just type ‘ Squid Game episode 6 reaction’ on YouTube and see for yourself all the sad and weeping faces from across the world when Ali faces heart-wrenching betrayal like other characters alongside some soul-crushing sacrifice Ji-yeong (Lee Yoo-Mi) makes for Sae Byeok ( Ho-Yeon Jung ).

The sixth episode of Squid Game took viewers on an emotional journey ( Source: YouTube )

Yes, Ali seems like he was killed in the episode. Did you just read ‘seems’? Yup, but here’s the catch: there’s an immense possibility that Ali is still alive.

Wondering why? Well, the reasons I’m about to present to you are very plausible and based on some interesting details we uncovered in this awesome show.

We Don’t See Ali Get Shot Like The Old Smiling Man

The ending of Squid Game came with some pretty big reveals along with more question that wasn’t answered. 

First, the audience came to realize that Yeong was in fact alive and the main wealthy individual the founded the Squid Games since the start. 

In the sixth episode, the smiling old man sacrifices the marbles by helping Seong confront his selfishness in the face of danger. Although the departure was emotional, Seong comes to realize by the end that he wasn’t killed.

Interestingly, viewers never saw Yeong get shot and instead only hear the sound of a pistol shooting with only the teary-eyed Seong is seen leaving.

And at the end of the first season, the clear intention of this emotional shot turns out to be meant to serve a double purpose.

Yeong, the old man in the game turned out to be alive and an elite that founded the game

So, let me ask: do you remember another scene like this from the same episode? Because although we realize that Ali gets eliminated after Cho betrays him, we never see Ali get shot before our eyes.

All we are left to watch is the reaction of Cho and the same sound of the gunshot we heard when Yeong gets shot.

This has left some of us wondering whether this decision to shoot it was on purpose to bring back Ali for the next season. Before you start wondering why the show creator would take this step, let me offer you an interesting theory on why and how this works.

The first thing to note is that Ali is an important part of Squid Game since the beginning with a lot at stake, including a wife and son to take care of.

And the second is that he resembles the good in humanity that people exploit in extreme scenarios for their own gain. Due to this, the character development of Ali in the coming seasons will be quite a spectacle for audiences.

Ali gets betrayed by Cho in episode six and yes, he deserved better ( Source: Netflix )

Ans the third being that he is already the audience’s favorite with more than 4 million followers in Insta already and final being the plot that creators can advance in terms of the plot if they keep Ali alive.

Ali Is Anti-Villian Development In Season 2

Since I pretty much believe that Ali is about to return, let me make a case on what the plot of Squid Game season 2 will look like if Ali that happens.

First, Ali will go against Seong and everything he believed in before. Our innocent character will lose hope in gaining honest and unselfish returns from any team members. He’ll instead head to play the game for the second time with a firm will to win the cash prize and return to his family.

In fact, he is poised to run against Seong, the protagonist has now vowed to bring down Squid Game once and for all. On the other hand, Ali has lost hope in the good in humanity from his experience with the betrayal from Cho.

Character Seong is expected to bring down the elites running Squid Game once and for all ( Source: Netflix )

Keep in mind that Yeong carried this firm belief about how humanity and selfish and bring the worst in themselves in dire situations. He carried this belief to his death and there are chances that he chose Ali before death to carry on this aspect to make an interesting game with people full of conflicting ideals.

So, it would be really interesting to see how it’ll turn out if this happens. The stakes will surely get higher and the audience will definitely find themselves no more rooting for Ali since he’ll come out a changed man if he’s still alive till the second season

Just to let you know, nor Netflix neither Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk have confirmed on the production of season 2.

But considering the fact that the show is the number one series on Netflix right now, they’ll certainly milk this as they did with another surprise hit named Money Heist.

Moreover, the end of the first season of Squid Game proved that Seong will return to the island and do whatever it takes to expose the people behind it. 

So, I can’t help but feel that the conflict between the two is imminent.

Doesn’t Keeping Ali Alive Break The Rule ?

Well, I have another theory that Ali made it out alive because of a misfire from the masked guard. As we see in several instances, contestants managed to survive heavily wounded which the red guards took advantage of by organ smuggling.

There’s another possibility that Joon-ho ( portrayed by Wi-Ha Joon ) is alive. Since he wasn’t shot in a vital organ by the host i.e. his brother, and the fact that his body fell in the ocean makes it obvious he isn’t going to die so easily.

The dead body of Joon-ho isn’t recovered in the 1st of Squid Game ( Source: Netflix )

So, there might be a scene in season 2 where Ali will be rescued by Hwang from the casket before the guards burn him down.

Thus, after making it out alive, Ali is a changed man determined to win the Squid Game at any cost and on top of that, he will start to firmly abide by the motto of Squid Game. It can be heard in the fifth episode. 

Everyone is equal while they play Squid Game. Here, every player gets to play a fair game under the same conditions. These people have suffered from inequality and discrimination from the world, and we’re giving them one last chance to fight fair and win.

So, it’s fair to assume that Ali holds no grudges against the runner of the games and instead believes now that the people are the ones that bringing suffering and conflict in the game.

After all. Every participant came at their own will even after they were given a chance to return home and continue their life. The game was really in fact giving them an opportunity while also making a profitable spectacle for the perverted elites.

Who Is The Actor That Plays Ali In Squid Game?

Well, a simple search for this query on Google will suffice to give you an answer. There is exclusive interviews from the Delhi native given to a reputed magazines. So, we suggest you refer to those instead until we come up with something exclusive related to Anupam.

Anupam Tripathi’s response to the success of Squid Game ( Source: Twitter )

The interesting thing though is that Anupam was passionate about a career in acting ever since he grew up in Delhi. He moved to South Korea for the sake of studying acing under a scholarship and did all kinds of roles during struggling years as an actor. So, keep this in mind aspiring artists: there are NO small roles.

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