Adidas Just Might Release Squid Games Themed TrackSuit With HoYeon Jung

It’s funny how the popularity of a show or movie can drive fans’ fascination with every aspect of the creation, be it snacks featured in the show, or simple apparel worn by the main characters.

The Eggo’s that Millie Bobbie Browns character consumes a lot in Netflix’s Stranger Things became a staple feature of her character. And fans of the show definitely now associate Eggos with Eleven.

Likewise, the red zip-front coverall that the main protagonists wear in Money Heist is even worn by protestors around the world alongside that Dali mask.

And recently, Netflix’s surprise hit from South Korea i.e. Squid Game has bought on the same kind of obsession among fans all over.

Based on the Battle Royale genre trope, the thriller survival-themed show follows two main characters portrayed by Park Hae-soo and Lee Jung-jae in a life-changing yet threatening game. It’s a winner takes it scenario-based series that is close to becoming the number one show on the streaming platform.

As viewers are well aware, the participants of the deadly game ( based on Korea’s children’s game) wear an identical green-colored tracksuit resembling the ones from Adidas.

Of course, the red zip-front coverall resembling one from Money Heist is worn by a masked figure in Squid Game.

The overall worn in Squid Game ( Source: Netflix )

This even got many fans confused if Squid Game is the Korean Remake of Money Heist which in reality it actually isn’t.

Track wore in Money Heist ( Source: Netflix )

Nevertheless, the catch is that the green tracksuit is now synonymous with Squid Games since its part of pop culture now, And if you have one, wearing it on Halloween won’t be a bad idea. Interestingly, it seems that the fashion mogul Adidas might soon monetize the popularity of Squid Games soon.

HoYeon Jung Modeled For Adidas As Well

The blazing performance from HoYeon Jung, who portrays Sae-Byeok in Squid Game is evident from the fanbase she is accumulating now. The actress even amassed 11 million followers since the show premiered on 15th September 2021.

Interestingly, Jung started out as a model and Squid Game in her acting debut although she is mistaken as the cast of the movie Train To Busan.

She posed for various big brands in the past including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Adidas. For the latter one, she modeled for Adicolor collection of Adidas Korea, and the promotion video was released on the exact day of the Squid Game release.

The Adicolor promo released on September 15 by Adidias on Squid Game primer ( Source: YouTube )

But this isn’t the most interesting part at all, Jung who is currently dating actor Lee Dong-he appeared again for another promo released on the same day.

Another apparel resembling one form Squid Game was featured in the promo clip by Adidas ( Source: YouTube )

As shown in the clip above, the jumper-like jeans tracksuit looks very similar to the one every team wears in Squid Game.

There’s also no denying that Adidas accidentally hit a jackpot by signing HoYeon Jung because let’s be real, they too weren’t aware that Squid Game would be a global phenomenon.

So, the adicolor line of apparel featured in the clip above is catered towards the fans of Squid Game since the demand for the tracksuit of series is on the rise.

Where To Buy Squid Game Tracksuit ?

To date, Netflix nor the studio behind Squid Game are officially selling merchandise of Squid Game involving this green tracksuit. However, many third-party vendors such as Amazon and are starting to sell these due to the rising demand for the Halloween season.

Squid Game themed items are already starting to sell online ( Source: Twitter )

Also, it’s not confirmed if Adidas will sell Squid Game-inspired tracksuits in collab with the makers. After all, there has to be a lot of licensing and legal obligations to go through.

However, one thing is for sure: Adidas should definitely start talking to Netflix since it’ll be a win-win situation. Would you buy if this happens though?

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