Android 12 Leaks: What To Expect From It

Android 12 is one of the major attractions for the upcoming Google I/O 2021. It is the indication of what next is coming for years to come in Android phones. However, the party started a bit early this time.

A tipster, John Prosser has stepped forward and publicly shared some important leaks about the Android 12. So stay on the edge of your seat to know what is coming.

Android 12 Updates

The Android 12 first got its beta release in February which got people thinking about a lot of things. From what looked like a massive make-shift for Android, it lived up to the expectations with a lot of changes on the first look.

Called ‘Material NEXT’ from the leaks of  XDA Developers, The Android 12 is poised to bring the biggest visual changes to the operating system. Similarly, it seems as though notification panels, a lock screen, and a new theming system might also be in the cards.

Major Take-Aways From The Leaks

Android 12 is really getting real and has some massive upgrades. According to the video leaks that look like a promo video, the whole visual element looks nothing like the Android.

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While it feels no so androids, the upgrades make the user experience that much better. The notification stack features, new widgets, and UI elements, and new keyword all looks very sleek. Similarly, it also goes align with the previously leaked info.

Some Major points are:

  • Stronger privacy & security measures
  • Better device performance all together
  • Widgets & UI element changes
  • Stacked notification features & changes in notification display at the top
  •  New Keyboard

So the major takeaway would be how the whole Android 12 scene looks effortless and fluid. Similarly, if these leaks are truly accurate then it could be one o the biggest upgrades in Android in several years.

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