Ava Russo, Joe Russo’s Daughter Has A Major Role In Marvel’s Hawkeye

The long-awaited trailer for MCU spinoff series Hawkeye has finally made it to YouTube. Aside from the sheer excitement that Jeremy Renner’s rendition of Marvel Hawkeye superhero r is getting an extended character arc, more memorable characters are included in the upcoming show.

Although it’s evident by now that Newcomer Alaqua Cox, Black Widow’s Florence Pugh, and star Hailee Steinfield are among the major cast, someone interesting is on the list as well.

Turns out that Ava Russo, a talented girl from the Russo bloodline is making a bigger appearance in Hawkeye reprising the role of Hawkeye’s daughter Lila Barton.

Ava will portray the character of Hawkeyes daughter Lila Barton ( Source: YouTube )

Interestingly, being related to the Russo brothers seems to have its perks and Ava already looks like a major character in Hawkeye as seen in the trailer.

Ava Russo Is Related To Joe Russo By Blood

Ava Russo is none other than the daughter of the Marvel franchise’s significant savior and creative force Joe Russo ( Joseph Russo). She is the youngest daughter since her sisters Lia Russo, Sophia and Basil Russo are the eldest.

Ava Russo with father Joe Russo in 2019 ( Source: YouTube 0

A woman named Pooja Raj is often considered to be Ava’s mother and Joe Russo’s wife. But this claim on the internet is entirely false. The confusion arose from the fact that a singer named Joe Russo is married to Pooja that led to some mistaken the name of the director instead.

In reality, Joe Russo’s is very private and doesn’t really make appearances in attention-grabbing events.

Likewise, Ava’s uncle in Anthony Russo.

Russo Brothers Excitement On Ava’s Hawkeye Role

On 13th September 2021 right during the trailer lunch of Hawyee, the Russo brothers made one thing clear: they are very excited and proud of Ava. With the post of the trailer, the caption read,

We spy a baby Russo! Congrats to Team Hawkeye!

Also, Hawkeye isn’t the acting debut of Ava Russo since she had a small role in Avengers Endgame as well. Thankfully, this role will be quite a notable one at the start of Ava’s career.

On an interesting note, Ava’s sisters too have made a cameo in other Marvel movies including Captain America, and Avengers Endgame.

Joe’s other daughter Lia Russo is has a cameo in Avengers Endgame ( Source: YouTube )

Her sister Lia Russo is the one playing one of the kids in Avengers Endgame where they take a selfie with Hulk amidst Antman.

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