Chaudhary Group now as new ISP of Nepal : CG Net

Chaudhary Group has announced plans to provide high speed internet service to the rural areas of the country. Speaking on the occasion of Telecom Policy Debate Series organized by Techpana on Saturday, Managing Director of CG Telecom, Nirvana Chaudhary, said that the service would be expanded across the country in the near future.

CG FTTH NET in Affordable Prices

“Even if we are not allowed to enter the telecom sector, we have a license to work as an FTTH and internet service provider. That is why we are launching CG Net in the near future, ” he said. From there, CG will provide FTTH service from door to door. With resources and the funds that CG Group have, it will be very hard for other telecom to compete, but better customer satisfaction will be the key point for every business success.

Chaudhary has even claimed that his internet service will be exemplary. “From there you can see how we can provide world class service in Nepal,” he said. It will be very cheap. No matter how much talk has been done, the real taste depends on the work. Stating that other telecom companies have not been able to work even after getting licenses, giving them licenses on certain conditions would break the monopoly and duopoly situation in the telecommunications sector. “Give us a license, we’ll do it,” he said.

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“Internet service providers are very expensive right now. That is why its penetration seems to be very low. We are launching Internet service providers to bridge that gap, “said Chaudhary.” The internet we provide will be half as cheap as it is now. The normal Package of the current ISP will cost around NRS 1500- 3000, which is very expensive compared to the internet quality they provide.

If CG Group can do as it has said, then it will have lots of business in his hand, because people are not satisfied with the existing ISP. This will give people to look for alternative ISP. Keeping this in mind other ISP will also try to upgrade their services and provide stable and reliable internet to their customers.

Stating that we want to ensure that we provide this service in villages and homes across Nepal, Chaudhary said that we want to give a taste of new technology to the Nepali people amidst fierce competition. He added, “If we want a digital economy and are really looking for economic growth, the role of digital infrastructure and the value of services is very important.”

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