Clubhouse App: What Is the Hype About!

I am sure everyone has heard of the term Clubhouse by now. Many of you know what it is and many are still in the process of figuring it out. Whatever you stand, the Clubhouse is not something you should miss during this lockdown.

The Clubhouse App arrived in Android around the same time as the second phase of lockdown in Nepal. And since, its worldwide availability the app has passed the two million users mark on Android alone.

So, what is the app all about, and what is its usability in the context of Nepal

Clubhouse App Overview

Clubhouse is basically a virtual conference hall with separate rooms for users to chat with people on whichever topic they like and invite a guest to listen. The concept was developed by its CEO, Paul Davison in 2020.

The idea slowly gathered pace and got affiliated with top venture capitalists, Alpha Exploration Co. Since then, Clubhouse has changed the way people communicate especially virtually.

In short, it is an audio-based social media app that lets people talk with each other, share stories, ideas, know about other people and make friends. It is something like a free-flowing podcast with the authority to walk in and out of it anytime.

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Also, there is no record of the conversation you had inside the app. The conversations you had inside the app do not leave the room so users can feel free to voice their opinions.

However, currently, the app is based on invite-only limitations where users have to secure the invite to get through. But, the app is working to remove the restrictions for future users.

Clubhouse In Context Of Nepal

As for Nepal, Clubhouse has raised to the occasion during the lockdown. Since the second phase of Covid-19 in Nepal, people are bound to stay inside their homes. Because of the restrictions, there is very little to do except surfing the internet and exploring different domains.

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In such case, Clubhouse has been a popular medium to socialize amongst the people, especially the younger generation. It has become a vessel for learning as well as ending the feeling of loneliness.

Similarly, it has become a place where people can organize a discussion panel with friends, chose a topic of their liking, and widen their perspective. Various celebrities and influencers are also using their platform to grow and interact with their fans hosting live sessions of music, Q&A, and workshops.

So, it is definitely something to try during this period and we hope it will be a positive addition to the virtual social life of people.

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