Are The Corridor Crew Members Dating Or Already Married? Let’s Find Out!

In the realm of YouTube where cheap contains are found in abundance, Corridor Crew is a platform that has taken a step away from that direction. The channel is full of informative videos specializing in VFX with a twist of fun-filled trivia in each video.

Yes, Corridor crew aren’t those dirt-cheap content creators merely reacting to clips. Instead, the crew composed of professional VFX artists including Wren Weichman, Niko Pueringer, and Sam Gorski give deep insight into the special effects arena of Hollywood and works from around the world.

Moreover, due to the surge in the popularity of the channel, big names from showbiz including Seth Rogen, Scott Adkins, and legendary VFX artists have shared thought sitting at their signature couch of Corridor Crew reacts.

So, let’s take a look inside the personal life of each of the Corridor Crew members and find out who their support system is.

Wren Weichman’s Marriage

Wren Weichman is often assumed to be the youngest member of the Corridor Crew all thanks to his mysterious age and not so tall height. Interestingly though he’s already in his 30 since Wren was born on 2nd March 1989.

Thankfully, this talented land is already a family man since he is married to a beautiful woman named Jenna Weichman. The two first met back in 2010 and dated for few years before Wren felt she was the one to spend his life with. 

He proposed to Jenna back in 2013 at Santa Monica beach, California with a diamond ring with his family members secretly watching from a hidden spot.

Wren with wife Jenna ( Source : Instagram )

As expected, she said yes and the next year, Wren decided to marry Jenna. On 16th August 2014, Wren married Jenna at a private vineyard ranch.

As of now, the couple doesn’t share any children yet and Jenna is mostly occupied with her work as a nurse at a private hospital. However, it won’t be long before we’ll see Wren.Jr in their Instagram post soon.

Niko Pueringer Is A Father Already

Niko Pueringer, another VFX genius from Corridor and a daring stuntman in the making isn’t left behind in continuing his family line. Niko’s wife’s name is Ivy Brown, a graphic designer by profession. She is the founder of Ivy&Ink Design, an online store that creates customized designs in logos, cards, and several other items as per order.

The business was established in 2014 and Niko also helps out in her business from time to time.

Ivy has been by Niko’s side since his days of struggle as they started dating back in 2012. After dating for about 5 years, the pair finally said their vows in 2017 and Niko announced his marriage through Instagram on 18th June 2017.

Likewise, 2019 was an auspicious year for Niko and Ivy since their daughter arrived in the world. She was named Milo Pueriger and Niko introduced her to fans on Insta writing,

Hey world, meet my daughter Milo Pueringer. Ivy brought her into the world last week with more grace than I thought possible, and we’ve been loving every day since.

Niko with wife Ivy and daughter Milo ( Source : Instagram )

Turns out that like everyone’s parents, being a father is really going on well for Niko. And today if you take a look at his Insta handle ( @nikodig ) fans can see his wall bombarded with adorable pics of his baby daughter and wife, two important women in his life.

Sam Gorski Has Two Children

Another funny and talented VFX artist member of Corridor Crew is our very own Sam Gorski. Like most of his peers, he too has settled with the love of his life.

The 35-year-old artist is married to longtime partner Sarah Gorski with whom he shares two children, a boy, and a girl.

Sam Gorski with wife Sarah and his two children ( Source : Instagram )

Sam and Sarah married in 2015 and gave birth to a baby boy in  2018. While the pair were happy with their newborn son, they felt an addition of a baby girl in the family would complete them.

Four wonderful years but we just felt something (or someone) was missing. Baby girl due March 2020!

As expected, their beautiful daughter arrived in the world in 2020. Talking about Sam’s wife, she is involved in a business that is related to wedding and bridal products, She sells wide range of wedding items through her e-commerce site Bespoke Bridal Shop,

Some Interesting Facts On Corridor Crew Including Net Worth:

  • VFX artist/actor Clinton Jones left Corridor Crew in 2021 to continue his own creative venture. He revealed to Corridor Digital that he wanted to get out of the comfort zone. He currently runs a YouTube channel named ‘pwnisher’ that is close to gaining 1 million subscribers.
  • Aside from reacttng to VFX from movies, they also run a stuntman reacts episode featuring wel-known Hollywood stunt professionals such as Scott Adkins and Lauren Mary Kim.
  • Although the net worth of Corridor Crew isn’t disclosed yet, it is assumed to rank in millions. The platform has been sponsored by brands like Raycon, HBO Max and VPN companies. They even run their own paid streaming service called Corridor Digital that gives users access to exclusive contents.
  • The software that Corridor Crew often use for videos are 3Ds MaX, Octane while peter uses Blender.

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