Here is the COVID-19 Guidelines on Dead Body Management by Nepal Army

With hundreds of people dying across the country every day due to the second wave of covid-19, dead body management has become a tough job for Nepal Army.   

Last year in March 2020, the Nepal government gave the responsibility of managing the bodies of those who had died of COVID-19 or were suspected to have died due to the coronavirus, to the Nepal Army. 

When a COVID-19 patient passes away, whether in a hospital or at home, the hospital management or the local unit informs the COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre, after which a Nepal Army team is mobilized. 

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According to the guideline, if a person died during the treatment in the hospital, the hospital has to request for the dead body management to Nepal Army through Covid-19 Crisis Management Centre.

For which hospitals need to submit a death certificate, covid-19 positive report, and consent of family members along with their personal contact number to CCMC.

In case of home isolation, individuals need to submit a recommendation letter from their respective ward along with the covid-19 positive report to CCMC.

People can also dial 1140 or write an email at [email protected] for Dead Body Management related inquiries. 

Since the past few weeks, Nepal has been witnessing a significant spike in covid-19 related cases and deaths. According to the Health Ministry, on Wednesday alone 168 died due to covid-19 while 9, 238 people were infected in a single day.

The figure shows that there are over 100,000 active covid-19 cases in Nepal with 4252 deaths so far. 

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