Does Kim Hyun-joo Have A Husband In Real Life? Turns Out Her Love Life Resembles The Character From Hellbound

Actress Kim Hyun-joo is gaining international recognition following her role as a lawyer and badass character in Netflix’s Hellbound. She stars alongside Yoo Ah-in and Yang Ik-Joon playing a former legal consultant determined to protect the world from the notorious religious cult called New Truth amidst a supernatural phenomenon ravaging Korea.

Prior to this project, Kim worked on tons of Korean movies and romantic dramas that includes What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (2018 ) and What Happens To My Family ( 2014 ). The later show was a big hit and managed to grab the highest rating upon its time of release.

Kim Hyun-joo Isn’t Dating Jin Jin-Hee

On several sites across the web, the relationship between Kim and Jin Jin-Hee has been highly exaggerated. This is mainly due to the fact that the two played each other love interests in several movies projects such as Ms Kim’s Million Dollar Quest and I Have A Lover. The two also recently reunited back in 2019 for the movie Undercover. There was concern at first while working time and again with Jin at first before she toon on this movie since she felt that audiences were tired of watching their on-screen chemistry repeatedly. But Kim changed her mind due to the compelling story.

Suffice to say that Hyun-joo and Jin-Hee’s relation is strictly professional and of friendly nature like that of Tonny Leung and Maggie Cheung. In fact, Jin is a married man since his wife is a beautiful lady named Lee Soo Yeon.

The two started dating back in the year 2000 when his wife was working as a photographer during his graduation shoot. As of now, the two have been married since 2003 and his wife works at an advertisement fall, So yeah, Kim and Jin are nothing more than work buddies.

Kim Hyun-joo Doesn’t Like Talking About Her Dating Life

Back in 2014, Kim was heavily promoting her TV series What Happens To My Family which was gaining a lot of attention among audiences. In one instance, she did an interview with an Entertainment Weekly show titled Star Date that is a bit popular like Running Man in Korea.

She was asked by the host whether her family had ever forced her to go on arranged dates. This question was a bit sexist in nature as well since the main goal was to ask whether she was ready to marry since Kim was already 37 years old that year ( her age is 44 as of 2021). It was apparent from the actress’s expression that she really didn’t want to answer the question since she realized the hosts’ intention.

However, with her million-dollar smile, she proceeded to be frank and reply as casually as possible saying,

I really don’t want to talk about that , but marriage, men. I really feel like a spinster when they bring it up. But I don’t want to think of myself like that.

Interestingly enough, all these confirmed that Kim Hyun-joo wasn’t married back then and she isn’t in a committed relationship now as well. She did confirm that she was dating someone but didn’t disclose much at all on the information on her boyfriend.

The actress in fact is kind of in a similar position to her onscreen character Min Hye-ji in Hellbound. The role she plays is of a beautiful woman in her 40’s who is still single ( although dating) and taking care of her mother. The only difference is that she isn’t fighting any religious cults.

Bonus Fact: The Official Instagram Of Kim Hyun-joo Revealed!

If you are wondering about where to follow Kim Hyun-joo then look no further because we’ve found the official Instagram of this beautiful actress. The username of Kim in Instagram is @khj_dang

She posts occasionally beautiful pictures and rarely her own. Hopefully Google will feature her Insta account in the SERP field below her Wikipedia snippet soon.

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