Does the Nagarik App Really Solve the Nepal Government’s Online Services Vows?

In an effort to minimize complexities and maximize effectiveness on government services, the Nepal Government launched the Nagarik Mobile Application. With an aim to showcase its reform towards a more digitized governmental system, the Nagarik app comes with a lot of promises.

What Is Nagaik App?

Nagarik App is an all-in-one government service portal in form of a mobile application. The application is currently available in Android and iOS and can easily be downloaded through Play Store for android users and App Store for iOS users.

The Ministry for Communication and Information Technology(MoCIT) launched the app specifically calling it the ‘Citizen App’. At first, a beta version of the app was launched for the public trial with the tagline ‘Support for Communication and Information Technology, Government Services at Hand’. 

The ministry pointed out the significance of the app in context to the government’s Digital Nepal Framework. The program was proposed in 2019 to unlock the potential of Nepal’s growth

Why Use The Nagarik App?

Nagarik App might seem like a last-ditch effort to win the citizen’s belief in the government service systems. However, it has a lot of promising initiatives which might restore the faith of the citizens.

Here is a list of features that the full-fledged application provides:

  • Apply for PAN card, Police Clearance Report, Malpot
  • Details on the Taxes paid to the government can be retained
  • The amount deposited in the citizen investment fund, social security fund, provident fund & loan details can be obtained.
  • Information of citizenship, passport, educational certificates from SLC & +2, and voter identity can be retrieved.
  • ‘Hello Sarkari’ Citizens can send their complaints and also check if the government bodies have taken any action against it through the app.
  • A hassle-free process that can even be accessed during public holidays when government offices are usually closed.
  • Open a bank account with the help of a QR code.

The government has entrusted this app to include more governmental services in the future. Similarly, to use the application the citizens should have two of these things

  1. A mobile number registered under your name. Either NTC or Ncell for the time being


  1. Citizenship or,
  2. Passport or,
  3. Voter ID Card

Is Nagarik App The Problem Solver?

Nagarik App has people on the edge of their seats with its featured rich qualities. Similarly, it is also up to the citizens not to get carried away. In recent times the government’s efforts to bring a paperless hassle-free online integrated system has failed miserably.

A prime example of that is the online driver’s license registration system. The online license application system had promised a lot. Unfortunately, it has not been able to meet the expected standards. It is a clear indication of misplanning and mismanagement from the government.

Having said that, an initiation like ‘Nagarik App’ itself is a commendable step from the government and deserves appreciation from our side. So lastly, we urge everyone to use the application and hope for its success, Jay Nepal!

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