Does Yatri Motorcycles Have the Most Underpriced Bikes in Nepal?

Yatri Motorcycles company stepped foot Into the Nepali automobile market as an unknown entity in 2017. The company carried a simple ideology; to change the automobile scenario of the nation with self-designed, engineered, and manufactured world-class electronic vehicles.

On 23 April 2021, Yatri motorcycles opened their flagship premium motorcycle, Project Zero (P0) for pre-order. As one of the most anticipated bikes in the Nepali market, Yatri’s Project Zero was priced at NRp 19,49,000.

Having said that, Yatri Motorcycles is still the most underpriced bike manufacturers in Nepal. Want to know why? Hang tight to know more.

Are Yatri Bikes The Most Underpriced In Nepal? 

Yes! You heard it right, ‘Underpriced’ is the word that might best suit Yatri bikes. The reason that we say that is, like its futuristic design & vision to reinvent urban mobility, Yatri Motorcycles might just be doing a favor for the future of the automotive industry in Nepal. 

If you consider that aspect in the context of a country like Nepal it won’t be wrong to call it underpriced. Nepal is one of the most polluted countries in the world. Part of that was witnessed at the start of 2021 with the Air Pollution Index (API) reaching alarming conditions. 


Similarly, the rising price of petroleum products & fuel crisis is always around the corner. Considering the deteriorating environmental condition and hassle of fuel consumption out of the picture, Yatri has definitely ensured that the future in safe hands 

Reason Behind The Huge Price Tag

Like any other manufacturing company in Nepal, Yatri Motorcycles depends on foreign outlets for raw materials. The carbon fiber & steel chassis, cutting-edge technology & powerful battery need strong raw materials which are not manufactured in Nepal itself.

In addition to that, planning a revolution has never come cheap. Yatri Motorcycles is aiming to reinvent the urban mobility landscape which demands a huge capital in itself. However, it might be safe to say that its success can be the turning point in the automobile industry of Nepal.

Future Of Yatri Motorcycles

While the price tag is the only thing that is talked about the bike, Yatri has big plans going forward.  Firstly, it has stepped out to create an entirely sustainable ecosystem of products and services.

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Also, it is planning to expand the product line to rapidly scalable vehicles from 2021 into newer market segments. Not only that, for the consumers the company is planning to set up charging stations nationwide.

Yatri’s primary focus now is to establish a strong network of charging infrastructure. After that, like fuel stations charging stations will be available for use in the country.

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