Doko App to Help Treat COVID-19 Patients for Free in Nepal

A bold initiation by Mr. Rabi Lamichanne, The Doko App is here to fight against the swirling Covid-19 second way in Nepal. As the virus hit hard on the neighboring country, India in early April, Nepal feared the worse with its direct affliction with India.

Before the end of April itself, Nepal went into ‘Nishedhagya’ (partial lockdown) in different parts of the country. The cases started to plummet and the situation went overboard quickly. It was clear that Nepal was to see the same fate as India due to its carelessness and incapable government.

Soon enough the country started to turn into a graveyard as health systems were overextended with limited resources. In such critical times, the initiation of the Doko app could prove vital for patients who could not afford the burden of medicines, oxygen cylinders, and pricey hospitals.

Also Janamaitiri Hospital in Balaju, Kathmandu has collaborated with this initiative to treat Covid patients with minimum to no cost. The hospital consists of 100 normal beds, 12 ICU beds, and 7 Ventilators under its use.

How Does The Doko App Work?

Doko App works under a simple idea of a ‘Win-Win situation’. In the app, the users have to play a game that will eventually result on them helping the patients. Got Confused? Let us make you clear.

After the successful configuration of the app, users must register on a segment ‘Kam Ka Kura’. In this segment, the people will have to subscribe to daily and weekly packages for NRP 19 and NRP 49 respectively.


With the successful subscription, the payment users make will directly be diverted for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. The game itself will be hosted by Mr.Rabi Lamichanne and will be for 45 minutes. In the game, players will be asked series of simple questions and one lucky winner can get a cash prize of 1 lakh Rupees.

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So if you win, you get the prize and if you lose, the money will be used for the treatment of the patients. Both ways the players will be in a win-win situation. Adding to that, if the user engagement in the app generates revenue from advertisements, that money will also be donated.

Our Take On The App

The Doko app is really a good gesture from Rabi Lamichanne and the team along with Janamaitri Hospital management. Let us also come together to promote such an initiative and helps people get through this deadly second wave. For more information: click here

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