Eiichiro Oda On One Piece Netflix Adaptation: ‘ It’ll Take A Bit More Time To Get This Show Done ‘

The recent announcement of the One Piece live-action series coming to Netflix followed by its cast reveals, there has created a buzz on the internet among the One Piece fandom. With all the rumors and news that have been revealed so far, one thing that’s important to take note of is that the series is only in its beginning phase of production, and the fans have yet to see how it will turn out to be. 

Nonetheless, there still is a lot of excitement for we at least got some details along with the cast reveal, including the Mangaka Eiichiro Oda’s message for the series, which was recently released on One Piece’s Twitter account. Considering how the base work for the Netflix adaptation has been set up, the author addressed the fact that the entire filming process will take up quite a bit of time, and fans might still have to wait for some more years before they can finally binge the show on Netflix. 

The cast of One Piece live-action adaptation.

It will take a bit more time to get this show done, but we’ll continue to do our best to deliver a show that we’re confident will be enjoyed by everyone around the world !

Although the message makes a case for the fans having to wait for quite some time until they get to see the live-action of their favorite series on Netflix, it also comes with a sense of reassurance that the actors and the entire production team are taking their time into making it something that the fans will enjoy, considering how the live-action adaptation of anime/manga series in the past have not been well received by the anime watching audience. 

Cast member Mackenyu also gave a behind the scene look of One Piece set ( Source: Instagram )

Despite the love that One Piece gets throughout the globe, the fans have rather an ambivalent attitude towards the live-action in particular, as there have been disappointing experiences in some anime adaptations like the Dragonball Evolution (IMDb rating 2.5/10) and Netflix’s adaptation of DeathNote (IMDb rating 4.4/10)

Netflix really messed up when they made a live-action remake of Death Note back in 2017

Contrariwise, the most “can-do” feeling regarding One Piece’s Netflix adaptation, in particular, has to do with the involvement of Eiichiro Oda himself, who being the man behind the making of the enormous world which encompasses adventures, tears, joy, staggering history, elephantine geography, and compelling plotlines.

In the light of how much work goes into drawing the manga every week, it’s generous of the author to have allocated some of his time for the series. The official Twitter account for the One Piece live-action was only made in December 2019, which already has over 100 thousand followers in no time at all. We can expect more updates to come from the Twitter account for further news about the show.

There is however another Twitter account for the Weekly Shonen Jump series One Piece, where different updates about the anime and the manga, including merchandise that the fans can get their hands on, are posted. Considering the busy schedule of Oda, the account is managed by Nyquin and Takano Jim, who is in charge of the jump editorial department.

Here’s the full message from Oda regarding the live-action casting.

Speaking of the cast, if the One Piece strawhats were to become real-life characters, each one of them would belong to a certain country in the world. However, we are speaking of only the east-blue cast today, as they are the ones who will be in the first season of the show. Taking into account the diverse origins of the strawhat pirates, the casting for the five actors to play the east-blue crew is equally diverse.

Iñaki Godoy, who plays Luffy, is a Mexican actor, whereas Mackenyu, playing Zoro, is a well-known actor in Japan. Similarly, Emily Rudd is an American, and Taz Skylar on the other hand, was born to an Arabic father and British mother in the United Kingdom. Speaking of Jacob Romero Gibson, the man portraying Usopp is of African-American ethnicity.

To sum it up, considering how passionate the cast and the production team regarding the series is, we can hope that the show will live up to the expectation of the One Piece fandom.

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