100 Electric Buses Will Be Brought in Nepal for Public Transport 

Several companies have started operating electric buses, in this regard, July 2nd the tender for 40 electric buses to be brought by public transport will be opened, stating that the electric bus can be brought within six months, then the completion of this process. 

On April 27,  Sajha started a 45-day global tender for the purchase of 40 electric buses. Although the tender ran for 45 days, according to public transport it was delayed due to the worldwide crown.  Bhushan Tuladhar, member of the Joint Transportation Steering Committee, reported that the procurement process had progressed. As per him the tender would be evaluated about a month and a half after the offer was opened. 

An agreement is reached by committee and electric buses can be introduced within six months of the agreement. Tuladhar said that “It has been delayed by two months due to Corona. The agreement will be reached after evaluating the tender.” According to him, as per the agreement, the construction work will be carried out in phases.   

First, the construction company has to drive three buses on the streets of Nepal to pass the test. Tuladhar said that if the test is successful, more buses will be introduced.  According to him, the agreement stipulates that the company will not only buy the bus, but also repair it for five years, with a delay of a few days, since the package must be agreed with the provision of spare parts. for maintenance.   

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With the provision of Rs. 3 billion, the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport will provide 40 buses with 26 seats of nine meters in length; 40 buses will be prepared in the first phase.   While preparing the specification for the joint venture, the Department of Physical Infrastructure and Transportation stopped the acquisition process on September 20, 2008 on the grounds that the work had not progressed as agreed.

20 beautiful buses coming from Sundar Yatayat Pvt Ltd ( an electric bus operator) have stopped in Singapore. Sundar Yatayat’s chairman Bhesh Bahadur Thapa reported that the bus brought from China is currently in Singapore due to the Corona closure. 40-seat buses will be brought into Nepal as soon as the ban in India is lifted.

Sundar Yatayat has purchased buses with an investment of Rs 500 million after the government encouraged the operation of electric buses. Buses will also be operated in major cities outside Kathmandu Valley such as Butwal, Biratnagar, Narayangarh and Nepalgunj. Currently, Sundar Yatayat is operating four electric buses in Kathmandu Valley.

News Source:  GorkhaPatra

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