After Winning A Match against Shelby, Emma Raducanu Reveals She Used To Be A One Direction Fan

Right after defeating Shelly Rogers at the Arthur Ashe Stadium during the 2021 US Open Tennis Championship yesterday, the Bromley native took time to sign autographs among her well-wishers. Her fans were in awe and excited for her success as the One Direction track played in the background.

Turns out that the sheer choice of music on the occasion wasn’t accidental at all. Interestingly, during the press conference after her win, the 18-year-old tennis player was presented with a wide range of questions, ranging from her experience during the tour to quite a peculiar one.

One reporter from the prestigious New York Times couldn’t help but question Emma if she is a fan of One Direction noticing the music after her win. Emmas answer turned out to be quite surprising yet relatable as she quoted,

One Direction was among my favourite bands when I was younger for sure. They were called video stars back in the day in our tennis Europe trips.

The music of One Direction certainly gave the player lot of adrenaline boost during long days of touring. But, smiling and a bit embarrassed Emma was quick to confess that that she no longer liked their music

But they aren’t to my taste in the recent years..

After all, the UK based boy band are no longer active, (although its members are on their solo project) and their teenager fanbase has certainly lost interest. Some of them even call it a phase. So yeah. we feel you, Emma.

Emma Raducanu’s Also Revealed About The Support From Her Parents

The year 2021 is definitely proving to be an amazing time for Emma since her fanbase growing every day. This has even led to many wondering about her family and romantic life. Well, for now, she has managed to keep it a secret and at such a young age, the tennis player hasn’t yet made information about her boyfriend public yet.

However, during the same press conference, Emma talked about the contribution her parents made in shaping her hardworking character and pushing her to be the best.

On my mum, she’s always instilled a lot of discipline and respect for other people into me. I think having parents like I do, they always push me. They have high expectations. I’ve always tried to live up to that. And I hope I did them proud this week. I think it’s definitely helped me, the mentality that both of them bring. They both come from very hard-working countries.

They indeed are hardworking since Emma’s father and mother are migrants from two separate countries who made it possible to sustain a good life in the UK.

Pictures of Emma’s mom and dad (Source: Twitter )

Emma’s father is originally from Romania whereas her mother is of Chinese descent. While the information on them is scant, it has come to light from our sources that both of them work in the finance sector.

Let’s hope she makes it up to the finals!

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