ESEWA Will Not Charge to Transfer Funds to Any Bank till Mid July

The fee that ESEWA was charging while performing the Bank Transfer feature is now available free of charge to any bank for this limited time. This plan runs from Tuesday to mid-July. During this time, there are no fees for installment payments or money transfers from member banks or financiers.

ESEWA CEO Subash Sapkota said the facility was deployed to encourage digital transactions and facilitate loan payments during the Covid-19 epidemic. He also added that “ESEWA always works in the interests of the users. It is now a Covid-19 epidemic. Since we are in mid-July, the bank may have to pay the business fee, in which case we have provided the option of paying free fees to make a small profit.

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Currently around 4.5 million people have opened an account directly with the service that can be paid for via mobile phones and the Internet. Similarly, around 16 million people indirectly receive services through ESEWA. ESEWA currently has more than 110,000 agents (ESEWA zones and points).

Recently the number of dealers in ESEWA has exceeded three lakhs. You can pay insurance premiums, share transactions, as well as tariffs for cell phones, internet, electricity and drinking water, top-ups, planes, bus tickets, schools / universities.

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