5 Sad Facts About Alfred Molina’s First-Wife & The Tragedic Moments Before Her Death

Sometimes in life, some of us are lucky enough to find love and eventually marry that person. But the sad truth of life is that despite the immense amount of love, life always finds a way of taking that away from us. Actor Alfred Molina, mostly known by many for roles in Spiderman 2 and in the upcoming Spiderman: No Way Home met the same fate.

However, he didn’t let himself down and gave himself another chance at happiness. Molina took a second shot at love and found while still grieving the health degradation of his former wife who was losing her memory. 

So, let us guide you through the love life of Alfred Molina, the eventual loss, and how he found a chance at creating new married life again.

Alfred Molina’s Love At First Sight, Wife Struggle

Many are well aware of the fact that Alfred Molina’s first marriage was to actress Jill Gascoine. She is best known for her roles in the 80s show C.A.T.S Eyes, a spinoff series of The Gentle Touch.

Alfred met Jill during a tough time in her life when she was working as a single mother after her failed marriage to Bill Keith. Her ex-husband was a Dundee hotelier with gambling issues which made it tougher to take financial responsibility for her two children, both boys.

So, she continued acting onscreen and in theatres. Eventually, the auspicious time came in 1982 when the two caught each other’s eyes while working for a theatre production of Another Way Theatre Company. His late wife even recalled the moment quoting, ‘It was lust at first sight.

A picture of young Alfred Molina and late wife Jim Gascoine in a theatre play ( Source: The Guardian )

So, after dating for few years, Alfred Molina married Jill in a private ceremony held at the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Jill Gascoine’s Clinical Depression 

Alfred’s ex-wife had a troubled childhood which left deep scars on her future self. As a child, Jill endured bullies and frightening situations. She lived in a hostel where her dormitory was believed to be haunted. This led to her continued bet-wetting scenarios since bedwetting is also a result of neurological issues, stress, and fear.

To make the matters worse, her teachers punished her by making sure every child in the school knew about this issue.

An old picture of Jill Gascoine with her children ( Source : Instagram )

Later on in life, the actress was diagnosed with clinical depression. Although this type of depression isn’t caused by early life events, Jill believed her childhood events led to this mental issue. She used the well-known drug Prozac to keep However, this didn’t much affect her relationship with Alfred and instead, the couple moved to the US in 1993. But in the states, another bad news was waiting.

Cancer Diagnosis

While Jill’s stardom was fading, Alfred was getting roles in several big movies such as Spiderman and projects of Paul Thomas Anderson. And during this phase, the pair had already shifted to the United States in 1993. Jill’s starting to fade away from the acting scenario and instead started focusing on her writing career.

As a result, the artist made her debut as an author with the novel titled Addicted in 1994. Sadly, the year 1997 became the year she published her last novel and was also an unfortunate time.

Cover of Jill Gascoine’s novel Addicted ( Source : Instagram )

That year, Jill was diagnosed with Kidney cancer. Also, Alfred and Jill made the decision to not move back to Britain,

I don’t think we’ll come back to Britain. Fred is so busy out there and I love the climate, friends like Millicent Martin, our dogs and my roses – and although I might moan about them sometimes, I really do admire Americans for their lack of reserve and the way they embrace you with great love.

Thankfully, she was able to battle cancer with constant care and support from her children and Alfred. It didn’t also hamper her career, since Alfred’s wife even did cameos until 2007 in movies like TV Virus & After Midnight.

But life had another big and worst surprise for her.

Jill’s Alzheimer Symptoms  Started Showing Up in 2008

One of the worst parts of dying of old age is carrying the burden of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a very progressive disease that’ll slowly kill the beautiful memories we carry and towards the end, make us unable to interact with our environment. A person can’t even recognize their own child.

Sadly, Jill contracted this condition and even though she was diagnosed only in 2010, the mild symptoms of Alzheimer’s started showing up in 2008 as evident from one interview she did that year.

Talking to ScotlandOnSunday newspaper, she started having trouble remembering an event from one of her early days when asked about it. And the journalist even shrugged off this detail,

Gascoine can be excused her sketchy memory. This was a long time ago.

In 2013, Alfred’s wife made the news on her Alzheimers public, and eventually, things started more difficult for her and her family members.

Jill was even awarded for her contribution by Alzheimer’s association in 2013 ( Source: Guardian )

By 2015, she hardly recognized her husband Alfred Molina as stated,

She doesn’t always recognize me. She did when I visited yesterday. You see flashes of the old person. That’s the heartbreaking part. You see those moments. You long for them. But they come less and less.

And by this time, Jill was shifted to a care home since it was being a difficult situation to care for her and needed more professional caring. So, Alfred continued working and providing necessary time and care for Jill whenever he could.

Alfred Molina Found Love Again Amid Wife’s Worsening Alzheimer

In 2017, Alfred started dating Jennifer Lee, the director of Frozen and Chief Creative Officer at Disney Animation Studios. Jennifer had been a longtime fan of Alfred after watching his performance in the play Red back in 2012.

So, after being introduced to each other by their mutual friend and actor Jonathan Groff, they immediately took a liking to one another. These three also worked on several Disney projects together.

On the other hand, Jil continued to suffer from Alzheimer’s in a care home and eventually died on 29th April 2020.

Statement from Alfred Molina’s stepson Adam announcing the death of Jill ( Source: Facebook )

While the wound was still fresh from losing his longtime love. Alfred decided to move on past the pain. And on 9th August, Alfred tied the knot with Jennifer Lee in a private ceremony in the states. The pictures of the auspicious moment were shared on her Instagram as well.

Alfred and Jennifer on their wedding day ( Source: Instagram )

As of today, the memory of Jill lives on among her fans and family while Alfred has started to settle in a new life with his wife Jeniffer, and daughter Agatha Lee Monn.

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