Interesting facts about comedian Greg Davies illegitimate sister, wife, and family history

Comedian Greg Davies is best known for his roles in British shows like We Are Kiang, Cuckoo and for his unforgettable guest appearances in Celebrity panel shows like Mock The Week, Would I Lie To You.

He also recently returned to the game show Taskmaster for a Christmas special alongside Adrian Chiles, Claudia Winkleman, Jonnie Peacock.

For those unaware about the 54-year-old actor’s life behind the screen, here are some interesting details we’ve uncovered.

Greg Davies’s Parents Wanted Him To Become A Rugby Player

Greg was born on 14th May 1968 in Wales, a country of the United Kingdom. Both of his parents were of Welsh origin but lived in England.

Greg with his dad

But, they wanted the comedian to be born in Wales as it would make him eligible to play in the rugby team of the Welsh National team. Nevertheless, Greg ended up being a celebrity rather than a sports icon.

Greg’s Sister Is Actually His Stepsister

Many know that Greg has a sister but it turns out his mother actually never married Greg’s dad legally. The identity of his sister’s father still remains unknown. In fact, the actor’s family has a quite complicated history as his paternal grandmother had a second family as well.

His grandmother

Interestingly, Greg has an interesting list of bloodlines and ethnicity since he is of descent from Owain ap Gruffudd, the famous King who rules North Wales from 1137 to 1170.

His Girlfriend Encouraged Him To Try Comedy

During an interview with The Times magazine, Greg opened about how his girlfriend ( now broken up) saw his true potential. Turns out that David in fact never had made up his mind to pursue comedy. But his ex-girlfriend advised him saying,

A girlfriend I had while teaching was a pragmatist and always told me that if you want to do something then go for it. So eventually I made the switch. Comedy is definitely where I’m happiest.

We are so glad Greg dated her. She would have made a really good wife for this talented man,

Greg Almost Married A Politician

Talking about his wife, the British comedian almost married politician Liz Kandell, the member of Parliament from British Labour Party since 2010.

Greg and Liz dated for eight years, which is quite a long-term relationship. Still today Greg doesn’t want to talk about why the two parted ways in 2014 and he clearly stated that to The Guardian journalist who was trying to get a scoop.

But now, thankfully the ex-lovers are still good friends and although Liz didn’t turn out to be his wife, she is on a stage towards motherhood.

The child is going to be delivered through surrogacy and is expected to arrive this year.

Greg Davis Loves Spending Time With Children

Many wonder:, does Greg Davis have children? By now, it’s evident he doesn’t have one but he does love to spend time with them since he was a teacher.

Before finding success in comedy, he worked in a secondary school teaching and other kids there loved to have hm around. One source even disclosed online writing,

He used to teach my older brother (I went to the same school but he left before I joined). My bro didn’t have any memorable stories unfortunately but said he was a pretty chilled funny teacher.

So, it’s apparent from all these that Greg will make a good father one day.

His Net Worth Is Impressive

With such an impressive height, teeth & smile, and talent, Greg has managed to do well for himself on the financial side of things.

His net worth is estimated to be already $5 million but our sources claim it is in fact more than that. Because he has many series lined up for release including Safe Space and is also in talks with a Netflix deal.

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