Fans are finding BTS’ RM apology to Jungkook funny

On 11th January 2021, Jungkook shared a video in his boxing series captioning it writing

It’s difficult.

This led fans drooling over his bulging arms and the tattoo sleeve although we could only catch of glimpse of them. In the clip, celebrity trainer Tommy was seen accompanying Jungkook and it’s already apparent from his look that the training hasn’t gone to vain.

Sooner, V complimented Jungkook on his skills and received a thank you in reply. J-Hope mimicked the sound of the gloves hitting the punch mitts which made him burst into laughter. However, it was RMs reaction that made everyone burst out in laughter. RM commented with, “Jungkook-ah, firstly I made a mistake”.

The young member of BTS was confused by the apology and giggled instead.

You can view the source of this memorable and funny interaction through the original Insta link.

It appears that although RM has felt now the power of BTS’ muscle man and decided to giveup beforehand to never get caught in a situation that might unleash should Jungkook decide to take advantage of his power.

Can we hope for a match between Jungkook and RM soon?

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