FIFA Proposes New Experimental Rules In Youth Level

A few months ago, the proposal of the UEFA Super League shocked the football world. Now again, FIFA is bringing up some controversial changes to the current football system and fans are not happy.

According to, Mundo Deportivo, the world football association is looking for ways to improve the game and is testing a number of different rules at the “Future of Football Cup” youth tournament. 

Teams under 19 from PSV, AZ Alkmaar, RB Leipzig, and Club Brugge take part in the experiment, which includes five key regulatory changes. 

The new rules proposed by FIFA are as follows:

First, the games consist of two 30-minute halves instead of the standard 90-minute adult soccer game. It is believed that this idea was borrowed from basketball and futsal. 

The referee stops his watch every time the ball goes out of play to combat the cynical waste of time and kicks are fired instead of shots. 

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Teams are normally allowed to provide three substitute players, which of course was recently expanded to five due to the COVID19 pandemic. However, the new proposed rules suggest that if these plans are implemented, unlimited replacements are permitted across the board. 

And finally, yellow cards lead to a bowl of sin, similar to rugby. The guilty player would be temporarily suspended for five minutes and forced to watch from the sideline before playing again.

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