Gamer Yassuo Wanted To Date Madison Beer Following Breakup With Ex-Girlfriend Bella

The well-known Twitch streamer Mohammad “Moe ” Abdalrhman who goes by the stage name Yassuo is best known for his League Of Legends gaming videos.

With more than 2 million followers on YouTube and Twitch, his popularity in the online gaming community is rising every day. However, despite the gamer’s success in career, his love life seems to be failing miserably.

Turns out that following a breakup with girlfriend Bella back in 2020, the YouTuber started to aim at dating some pretty popular names in the industry. So, let’s look at his dating timeline first and the desperation that followed.

Breakup With Girlfriend Girlfriend Bella

Yassuo’s relationship with Bella lasted for a very short period of time since they started dating in May 2020. While the exact date isn’t known, it was around this time that the gamer started posting videos that featured Bella. 

But in most of the videos, viewers really got the chance to view her face since he always hid it. Sadly, Bella’s ongoing relation and his toxic fandom seemed to be the reason behind this.

Yassuo talks about his former girlfriend Bella ( Source:

For instance, in August 2020, she shared a picture through her now deactivated Twitter handle (i.e. @bellllah ) sharing one fan’s ill-intended comments that said,

Why are you constantly trying to seduce us with these selfies? You have a bf @yassuo, would be pissed if he saw your posts.

So, Yassuo’s girlfriend broke off with him on mutual terms and started dating another streamer named Jackson Dohan AKA KateEvolved.

Yassuo’s Controversey With Bella and her Boyfriend In 2021

Remember the video where Yassuo addressed the so-called ‘elephant in the room’ talking about his breakup with Bella? Yup, the video from 2021 definitely didn’t make Bella happy.

Moreover, it turned out that Moe was the one who was dumped by Bella since she addressed it through a tweet.

But there was a lot of effort by Bella’s boyfriend KateEvolved to bully Yassuo and piss him off. He even recorded one of their phone calls and tried to defame him.

Well, in summary, there was a lot of drama involved back and forth which has been thoroughly covered by YouTuber Pants Are Dragon.

The drama that took place between Yassuo and his ex ( Source: YouTube )

There was also an incident in 2021 when Bella sent Moe a fake cease and desist letter. Interestingly, his ex-girlfriend’s real age was revealed during the incident. It turns out that Bella is actually 29 years old while Yassou is actually 21.

Who Is Yassou’s New Girlfriend?

As of now, Yassou seems to be single, but at the same time, he is trying his best to date. In one of his live streams titled.

At the end of 2020, after a few months of breakup, the creator was streaming as usual to viewers. And at once instance, he accidentally showed his DM sent to singer Madison Beer who once dated Justin Bieber.

Yassuo accidentally showed the messages he sent to Madison Beer during one of his streams ( Source: YouTube )

How it appeared that Yassou was trying hard to get a word back from the singer despite sending her tons of messages.

But, as expected, there were still no replies since she is way above his league. Also, the songwriter is dating TikToker Nick Austin.

On an interesting note though, Yassou was recently spotted with Twitch streamer and former adult performer Sasha Grey.

Yassuo with gamer/Youtuber Sasha Grey ( Source: Twitter )

While few of the fans were curious whether they were dating, the caption made it obvious that Yassou had friend-zoned her.

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