Google Hands Out Six New Android Features Ahead of Android 12

Google is constantly keeping its Android users on their toes with new updates here and there. And it is back again this summer with six new updates that primarily focuses on safety

Let us get quickly through the updates that Google has instore with the Android users.

Star Important Texts With Messages App

With the busy online world nowadays it is easy to forget valuable information. With the new feature of android users will be able to star a message and keep track of it.

Tap and long-press the message and star it. Then you can revisit the message whenever you want.

Earthquake Alert System Rolling Out Globally

Last year Google embarked on a mission to build the world’s largest earthquake detection network build into Android devices. Now Google is prioritizing the Earthquake Alert system in countries with higher earthquake risks.

Find Perfect Emoji At The Perfect Time

In May, Google introduced a new section called the Emoji Kitchen so users can go back to their most frequently used stickers.

Adding to that, a new feature will be added which will give contextual suggestions after typing the message. 

Access Your Favourite App With Voice

Now you can search your favorite apps by just using your voice. You can initiate any app by starting with the phrase ‘Hey Google’.

 Improved Password Input and gaze detection on Voice Access

This feature is built specifically for people with motor disabilities. The Voice Access will give users and effective app navigation with just your voice.

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Similarly, with gaze detection, you can just ask Voice Access to function when you look at the screen. You can also use Voice Access with enhanced password input and will let you input letters, symbols, and numbers. Like for eg: you can say “capital P a s s w o r d” or names of symbols (like “dollar sign” to input a $), so it’s faster to safely enter your password.

More customization and new app experiences on Android Auto

Google is giving users all the power in their hands with the Android Auto experience. It will make personalization and usability easy. 

It will also make browsing content with new tabs in your media apps like ‘back to top’, A to Z button in the scroll bar. 

Similarly, the Android Auto App will help you enhance your drive. Features such as EV charging, parking & navigation will be now in Android Auto. Also, users can access their favorite messaging apps from the launcher screen itself.

Now all these features are available on phones running on Android 6.0 or above and your compatible car

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