Google Meet Stops Unlimited Group Video Call to Free Users

Google Meet’s unlimited group video calling for free users is coming to an end as people start leaving their homes.

Now that many countries are slowly returning to normal with the widespread availability of vaccines, last year’s unprecedented remote working agreement is on the decline.

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is, in short, Google software like Zoom. Similarly, you can use it to create and participate in video calls with other people, including groups.

This software has proven extremely valuable lately while people stayed in their homes. Google launched its Meet software last April and also offered users unlimited free access to group video calls.

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Google initially announced that it would allow these users unlimited calls through September, but then the deadline was extended to March and finally to the end of June.

Google Meet users with a free account are now limited to group video calls for up to an hour. For a longer-term, you need to sign up for a subscription at the price of $ 7.99 / month.

Credit: Google

Otherwise, there are alternative platforms that offer longer group video chats for free, but getting everyone you know on board with the same software can be more difficult.

As shown above, Free Google Meet users can still have unlimited video calls with just one other user and an unlimited number of meetings. Features such as customizable layout, live subtitles, and the ability to join a meeting via a web browser are also included. However, other functions are limited to participants, such as as dial-in numbers and breakout rooms.

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