Google Sign-in on Third-Party Sites Will Be Easier Soon

With its single sign-on services (SSO), Google has long offered more than just password managers for protecting online accounts. Users don’t even need to create and maintain their credentials when signing up or signing in to services that support this “Sign in with Google” API.

The process of using it wasn’t entirely perfect, but Google is now polishing the various Google Identity Services login offerings under one roof and making the login process even easier.

Logging into a website or service with your Google account isn’t difficult right now, but it can be. Hitting the Sign In button will take you to another page or window where you can sign in to your Google Account.

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This can disrupt your process or even present an opportunity for hackers to hijack the process. As part of the consolidation of Google Identity Services, Google introduces its one-tap login process. A message scrolls down from the top in browsers on desktops, while on mobile devices a control panel moves up from the bottom of the screen instead of redirecting.

On another page, you still have to click a button to sign in to your Google account so it’s not entirely a one tap. However, this is the first time you log in with the new APIs. When you return to the website, the Sign in with Google button will instead show the Google account you last signed in with, so it’s a real one-tap process.

Google assures web developers that its new APIs are relatively easy to implement and that they have the immediate benefit of not having to manage their account security systems.

Google Identity Services also offers clickjacking protection and pixel tracking as Google wants Google accounts to be well protected too.

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