Hawkeye’s Alaqua Cox Reveals Her Mental Health Struggle Following A Panic Attack

Alaqua Cox, one of the leading cast members of Marvel’s Disney plus show Hawkeye just shared about her vulnerability. The actress playing character Echo alongside Jeremy Renner revealed about the panic attack she went through on 15th August 2021 through an Instagram post writing,

I may had a small breakdown this morning but I’m still a bad b*tch

However, the 24-year-old artist didn’t share about her mental health issue in a bleak manner of some sort.

With a picture featuring her glowing face and drink on the table, she made it evident that she was used to these panic attacks and was handling them well.

Alaqua’s post disclosed her mental health issue ( Source: Instagram )

Panic attacks usually strike on an individual without warning and symptoms include heavy breathing, trembling heart, and nervousness.  So, that moment must’ve certainly been a challenging one.

Alaqua’s Mother Supported Her

In the post, Alaqua didn’t disclose if she had underlying mental health issues of any sort. But if these attacks are frequent in her, it could be a sign of panic disorder as well.

Thankfully, the episode lasted shortly and her mother Elena came to the rescue. She went around for a casual day off with her amazing mother in the beautiful streets of California.

Alaqua driving around LA with mother ( Source: Instagram )

Also, the actress was quick to ask for recommendations of the best places around LA to her fans through Insta. All of these proved that Alaqua is quite a tough one, not just physically.

Alaqua’s Insta post asking help from LA fans ( Source: Instagram )

The actress of native American origin has been under stress in recent years due to her addition to the Marvel franchise. Apart from daily exercises, Alaqua is yet to prepare for her upcoming role in standalone series of hers titled Echo that is still under the production phase.

So, with such big deals and a tight schedule, she definitely has a tight schedule to work under. 

Panic attacks are common in celebrities under extreme pressure of the showbiz arena. TV icons ranging from Oprah Winfrey. Kristen Stewart to Adele too were vocal about this condition they suffer from.

Alaqua is still new to the showbiz world with a lot of projects to come along the way. And as much as it is good for her economically, the change in lifestyle and demands can have its own negative effects.

So, most of her fans hope that with rising success, Alaqua Cox will take care of her mental health and prosper her relationship with her boyfriend.

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