Who Is Hawkeye Star Alaqua Cox Dating? Insight Into Her Family Life & Marvel Debut

The countdown for Marvel’s spinoff show Hawkeye has already begun, like literally. The official countdown has already begun on the entertainment giant’s official site hyping up the fanbase more than ever.

Above all, those familiar with Marvel comics are more than excited to see the live-action version of the titular character Echo ( Maya Lopez) being portrayed by newcomer Alaqua Cox. Her casting on the show has already received positive feedback all due to the similarities she shares with the comic character she’ll portray. Yes, Alaqua is hearing impaired and is a native American like the character Echo and Disney has really upped the bar with representation this time.

BTS shot of Alaqua Cox and Jeremy Renner shooting for Hawkeye ( Source: Twitter )

So, let’s look at the life behind the screen of Alaqua and new updates on her standalone show and some queries from users we would like to clear once and for all.

Alaqua Cox Parents, Siblings & Ethnicity

Born in 1997 Alaqua is 24 years old as of 2021 although her birthday is yet to be known. Talking about her background, the actress is Native American just like the character Echo she’s playing in MCU. 

She was born in Menominee which is a nation of American Indians recognized by the federal state and she grew up mostly at Menominee Indian Reservation. located in this area.

Judging by this picture, of young Alaqua Cox, she was already prepared to play the character of Echo ( Source: Instagram )

Although the actress is very shy when it comes to sharing about her family our sources have confirmed that Alauqa Cox’s parents are Elena ( mother)  and William Cox III. She has altogether two siblings, an elder brother named William Cox and the youngest sister Katie Cox ( born in 2004).

All of them ( including Alaqua) completed schooling at Shawano Community High School and William enrolled at the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point after graduating.

Alaqua Cox with sister on her birthday ( Source: Instagram )

The actress’s brother played an important role in the ecology aspect of Menominee back in 2014. He was part of an official appointed environmental crew that tackled issues with combating non-native invasive species. So yeah, her brother seems to be more of a superhero in real life, jk.

Alaqua Cox’s Fiancé Turned Boyfriend

If you are wondering whether Alaqua is dating anyone, then there’s some sad news. Yup, Alaqua Cox is already engaged and in a relationship for quite a while.

Boyfriend Of Alaqua ( Source: Instagram )

Her fiance is a mysterious white guy whose details are quite tough to find on the internet. But it is evident through Alaqua’s Instagram handle (@alaquacox) that she’s madly in love with the dude. In one of her posts featuring her partner, the actress captioned,

It’s been 2.5 years and yet you still make me blush, laugh and you make me smile more over the stupidest things. I love you

Alaqua is already engaged ( Source: Instagram )

Although the Maya Lopez portraying star hasn’t yet decided on when she’ll get married, that day might be anytime soon. For now, Alaqua and her fiance are spending lovely times around the world in places like Paris and the beaches of Hawaii.

Is Alaqua Cox Related To Charlie Cox?

We too wish this was true, considering the fact that Charlie is already embedded in fan’s minds as the guy who nailed the role of Daredevil in the Marvel Netflix show ( Sorry Ben Affleck). But, the fact is although their surname is similar, Alaqua and Charlie aren’t related by blood at all.

Viewers of Marvel’s acclaimed show Daredevil often wonder if Alaqua and Charlie Cox are related in some way. After all, the latter one is the main lead in Marvel’s show and the character ( Echo) portrayed by Alaqua in the upcoming spin-off show crosses paths with Daredevil several times.

However, let’s make it clear for once and all that Alaqua and Charlie are NOT related by blood at all. Instead, the actors happen to share their career working for the entertainment giant Marvel, and that’s it.

Echo is a supporting character in Daredevil comics ( Source: Marvel )

Also, there won’t be a crossover episode where Alaqua’s character Maya Lopez/Echo shares screen with Charlie as Matt Murdock/Daredevil. Charlie disclosed in 2020 that despite being interested in more MCU projects, he hasn’t yet been asked by Disney for further roles in their projects.

Sadly, hardcore fans will have to just keep holding on to comics where these characters have crossover several times.

Preparation For Role Of Echo, Spin-off show & Fan Theories

Since Echo is a supporting character in comics of Daredevil, fans are expecting a crossover or at least a cameo of Daredevil in the upcoming show Echo. The series is almost an origin story of Echo and will begin filming in few months with sites like Screenrant already assuming her workout video is part of her exercise routine for preparation of her character.

Interestingly, there is a high chance that Daredevil will be featured in upcoming MCU projects. First, the new teaser trailer of Spiderman: No Way Home has left fans making theories that Daredevil will be defending Peter Parker in the movie as his lawyer.

Yes. Charlie Cox who portrayed Daredevil confirmed to Comicbook that he wasn’t in the movie at all. However, Marvel might have found another actor to reinterpret the popular character.

The official response of Charlie Cox on the fan theories of Spiderman No Way Home

Given the fact that Marvel is really good at monetizing the heck out of their character and the return of Alfred Molina as Dr.Octopus, we never know what Marvel has in store for us.

But one thing is for sure, Alaqua Cox is really raking in millions as a newcomer. Marvel is a franchise worth more than 30 billion, and there’s no denying her contract covers bonuses from sales of merchandise and other future projects. So, yup, it won’t be long before Alaqua Cox’s net worth will reach several million in coming years.

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