How to Renew Vehicles Using Nagarik App ?

Vehicles can now be renewed via the Nagarik app. In the first phase, vehicles registered with the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development of Bagmati Pradesh can be renewed online. 

According to information from the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development of the State Government, the services of the Office of Traffic Management and the Office of Services will be adapted to the technology and provision will be made for the payment of revenue, renewals, fines, other fees and insurance through an appropriate system. 

The renewal of the Traffic Management and Service Office of Bagmati Province has started in accordance with Rules 5 and 7 of the Regulation on the Flow of Services and Payment of Income, 2078 BS. 

Vehicle related details can be entered by checking your mobile phone number by going to the Ministry’s Traffic Management Information System website. 

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Your vehicle can be updated by going to “Vehicle Taxes” in the Nagarik app. For this, a new update of the Nagarik application has arrived in the Google Play Store. You can instantly view your vehicle details and the rest of your tax and paid income details in the Nagarik app. 

It has been said that from next July 1, the revenue from the vehicle can also be paid from the Nagarik application. It is said that it will be a few more days before the new update gets to iOS

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