Huawei to Invest 11 Billion for IT Manpower in Countries Including Nepal

Huawei is emphasizing the development of the youths and has announced the “Seeds for the Future Program 2.0”. Under the program, Huawei plans to invest $150 million (approximately Rs.11.19 billion) in developing digital talent in the countries where it operates over the next five years.

The program is expected to benefit more than three million people. At the Technology and Sustainability – All-Inclusive forum organized by Huawei on Thursday, Huawei President Liang Hua said he wanted to invest in improving college students’ digital skills.

“Digital skills and education are not only the cornerstone of the digital economy but also the fundamental human rights defined by the United Nations,” said Hua.

He added, “Today we announced Huawei’s Seeds for the Future 2.0 program. As part of our commitment to the sustainable development of talent, we will invest 150 million in this program over the next five years for college students and youngsters, helping them improve their digital skills.

Huawei is committed to developing digital talent in the countries it operates in. Huawei launched scholarship programs, technology competitions, and qualification courses in 2008 and invested more than 150 million to implement these programs. Also, Huawei has helped more than 1.54 million people in more than 150 countries through such programs.

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The “Seeds for the Future” program, launched in Thailand in 2008, aims to be local inspiring talents and promoting the seeds of society to face the digital challenges in society. The program has benefitted 5,000 students in the Asia-Pacific region alone.

In response to the forum, Huawei Asia Pacific hosted APAC Media with a virtual laser-focused round table aimed at digital inclusion and sustainable development in the region.

Huawei Asia Pacific Federation vice president, Jay Chen announced plans to generate more than 40,000 ICT talent for the future of the region over the next five years through programs such as Seeds for the Future.

In the Asia Pacific region, Huawei has been a strong facilitator in building an inclusive talent ecosystem. The Huawei Asian Academy started in 2019 in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia and prepares a lot of talents for the digital future.

Amid the epidemic, according to J. Chen, “collaboration with the best universities is happening at a rapid pace. To date, Huawei has worked with more than 200 universities in the Asia-Pacific region.

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