Instagram Launces New Pronouns Feature In User Profile

Instagram is setting up a separate dedicated space for its users to add their pronouns in their profiles.

Seeing people mention their preferred pronouns for themselves has now become commonplace — so the app developers have provided the option to add them without wasting people’s profile space.

Sounding the official news on Twitter, Instagram announced “Add pronouns to your profile”. “The new field is available in a few countries, with plans for more.”

Though Instagram did not specify which countries the feature is available. The United States seems to be one of the countries where the feature is already available.
So, to make use of this feature the users must simply click on the Edit Profile>Pronouns options. There they can choose up to four pronouns to display on their profile.

Also, the Instagram Help Center has clearly mentioned the procedures to add pronouns to individual Instagram Profiles. Not only that Instagram gives users to choose from the extensive list of pronouns different from the usual she/her, he/him and, they/them.

What Else Is There

In case you don’t find what you were looking for, users can also submit a request to Instagram. Interestingly, the feature is limited entry to gender-inclusive pronouns and does not allow to write anything else.

Adding more to the feature, there is also an option to show the pronouns only to the followers. If someone does not want to share their pronouns publicly, they can restrict it as well.

Keeping the mind that people are feeling the need to share or specify their gender and looking at its widespread use Instagram has made a good move. This feature will automatically be turned on for users below 18 years by default.

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