Interesting Facts About Lindsey Jordan Including Meaning Of Her Band Snail Mail

Lindsey Jordan is an indie-rock singer/songwriter and guitarist from America who debuted in 2018 with her album Lush which was nominated for Best Rock Album at the Libera Awards. She released a self-recorded EP Sticki and started playing live shows with her new band Snail Mail.

Lindsey Jordan formed the group Snail Mail in 2015 ( Source: YouTube )

Her band consists of temporary members with Lindsey as a vocalist, Alex Bass on bass, Ray Brown on drums, and Madeline McCormack on guitar and keyboards. Lindsey and her group has been able to capture the magic from the 90s and the indie vibe to today’s audience alongside rave reviews from critics.

After successfully getting the audience on the hook with originality in their songwriting, Snail Mail is planning to release their second album, Valentine on November 5, 2021, while the awesome gore-looking music video is already on YouTube. Moving on, here we present you with 5 unknown facts about Lindsey and the meaning of her band Snail Mail. 

Meaning Behind The Name Snail Mail

The name ‘Snail Mail’ is a perfect rhyme, and that’s exactly what Lindsey was looking for when choosing the name for her band.

The singer is quite fond of snails and finds them really cute. Yes, unlike most of us and French who find the creature tasty, Linsey instead has a different feeling on them and definitely doesn’t eat snails. Here’s Lindsey’s take on snail if you really don’t believe us.

Seeing a picture of snail with popcorn in its mouth, and basically, them crawling on the dirt just adds to the cuteness of these expressionless creatures.

A fun coincidence is that although the name came only from snails, it also refers to the postal system of delivering mail as compared to email.

Snail Mail talks about the inspiration for the name ( Source: YouTube )

It looks like the name, though not deliberate, is reflective of her songs, which capture the essence of the nostalgia and music from their childhood days. If we’re done with the names, let’s delve into some other unknown facts about the singer. 

Lindsey’s Earnings, Tour & Net Worth

Let us look at how this indie singer/songwriter and guitarist is monetizing her music talent. In terms of streaming platform success, Snail Mail is doing pretty well on Spotify with more than 790 thousand monthly listeners as of September 2021.

She recently released the new song ‘Valentine’ with her band which has managed to rank 62 on the Apple Music chart and 29 on the iTunes chart. With her rising popularity, Lindsey is also making lots of money from touring with many shows booked for 2021 and even 2022.

Official Merch of Snail Mail ( Source: Instagram )

Streaming and touring are not the only sources of income for her though. Snail mail also generate revenue from the sale of merchandise which consists of t-shirts, hoodies, Vinyl, and CDs.

Moreover, the guitarist also did an endorsement for electronic peddle manufacturer Earthquaker Devices. It remains unknown whether Lindsey was paid to promote it but she does uses some of their guitar pedals in her live performances. She also appeared in guitar brand Fender’s promo videos.

With all these sources of income, her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million to $5 million as of 2021 as per web outlets. However, this sum hasn’t yet been verified by her.

New Song Valentine & Evolving Through Song Writing

Snail Mail’s latest song ‘Valentine’ has a soft start with very intimate tone to it where the tension builds towards the chorus to kick in loud and powerful riff, giving more emotional weight to the expression of lyrics in the chorus. 

The name Valentine was not what Lindsey had in mind for the song at first. It was called ‘Adore You’ before she changed it to ‘Valentine’ after she wrote the chorus lines- “Why’d you wanna erase me, darling valentine?” The songwriting process on the album also helped her grow and evolve emotionaly from past burdens that rosed from failed attempt at love. 

NPR reviews Lindsey’s video for Valentine ( Source: Twitter )

For instance, in a recent interview with Pitchfork, she explained how the song ‘Headlock’ from her upcoming album allowed her to go as dark as possible to come out recovered from the other side. 

I’m a deeply sensitive person, and the idea of going all the way down into the pitch darkness and messing with those possibilities is liberating. To be able to talk about it and come out the other side is, to me, the ultimate form of recovery and growth. So that song let me go as dark as I possibly could so I could come out on the other side.

She also revealed her realization of how love can give rise to strong emotions even without tying it up with life or death, as opposed to the depiction of love from her previous albums. This shows the emotional transition she’s gone through throughout her songwriting career. 

After all, the Snail Mail leader was only  17 when she released her EP Habit. She had a really hard time recording the song ‘Thinning’ as she was not only ill from Bronchitis but was coming in terms from a failed relationship. Despite all that, she managed to record the song even if it took a hundred vocal takes. Let’s dive into more of her background, including her musical influences and her experiences.

Musical Background And Influences

Born on 16th Jun, 1999, in Maryland, Lindsey took up the guitar at the early age of 5. She released her first self-recorded solo EP Sticki in 2015 and started gigging with her new band under the name Snail Mail. Growing up, she was influenced by artists like Avril Lavigne, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Elliott Smith, Liz Phair, Cat Power, The Cranberries, Pavement, The Velvet  Underground, Paramore and Fiona Apple, whose picture she had upon her wall.

Snail Mail talks to VICE on the inspiration Sonic Youth had on her 2018 album Lush ( Source: YouTube )

She also found inspiration from her guitar teacher Mary Timony who is well known in the indie realm as the singer/songwriter and guitarist for the band Helium. She was fascinated by Timony’s understanding of playing in open tunings.

The first time she played me songs she was writing, I was totally blown away. There is this real timelessness and maturity and depth in her music. It’s like she is a conduit and just channels this universal musical energy.

Mary was the one who helped to shape her freestyle playing. Being classically trained as a child and even moving on to the improvisational form of music that jazz is, Lindsey was able to work her way around the instrument very well which would later manifest in her songwriting with the usage of melodies and chords beyond modern pop music.

Whats more impressive is that at a young age of 17, Lindsey released her first self-recorded solo EP Sticki in 2015 and started doing gigs with her new band under the name Snail Mail.

Rehab And Overcoming Sexism

It was through Lindsey’s early development of musicality that she was able to express herself in all her younger years of bittersweet experiences. She had to force herself to learn to play Cliffs of Dover and Slayer riffs to seek validation from boys in summer camp.

As a devoted fan, Lindsey used to follow Grimes on Tumblr and was interested to know how she was managing as a girl in the male-dominated music scene. She sent her a message and cried after reading the six-page long reply that she got from Grimes.

I feel like I learned a lot about feminism from listening to her talk—she’s so intelligent. When I was 13, I was really interested in her entering the music world and not being sexualized. I knew that’s what I wanted to do and I was pretty insecure. So I sent her a message.

However, being exposed to all of these toxic situations early on boosted her confidence to hit the stage. Aside from being catcalled on stage, the singer had bitter experiences in sports too.

Lindsey had to quit playing hockey due to sexually inappropriate experiences and wished that she’d known more about feminism at that time because she would’ve realised she didn’t need validation from men.

Lindsey Jordan with actor/singer Fred Armisen in 2020 ( Source: Talkhouse )

The singer, having started her career at a young age, had to go to rehab in Arizona for 45 days in November 2020 as she needed a much-wanted break from all the chaos of emotions and budding career in music. 

I went to rehab in Arizona for 45 days. I was dealing with a unique set of circumstances and challenges rooted in being so young when I started. I needed to hit pause. I was not in any kind of shape to continue doing Snail Mail stuff. Luckily, I had people around me that love me, and the place that I went to had a lot of answers.

The emotional pressures of starting early made her unable to engage with Snail Mail at that time. Well, the good news is that she’s back with a bang with the band’s new album Valentine releasing soon on 5th November , 2021.

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