Interesting Facts On Girl Named Tom, The Band Stealing Hearts At The Voice

Girl Named Tom captivated the judges and the audience alike at The Voice blind auditions, Season 21 with their beautiful vocal harmonies after performing the song Helplessly Hoping, a classic by Crosby, Stills & Nash. However, the first cover of the song was released back in 2020 on their YouTube channel.

The group was formed by three siblings in 2019 who set out to conquer people’s hearts with their singing. It consists of Bekah Grace (21), who herself is the girl named Tom, and her two brothers Joshua (24) and Caleb (26). Joshua along with singing and writing produces the songs for the band whereas Caleb sings as well as plays the instruments.

Girl Named Tom performed Helplessly Hoping at The Voice ( Source: YouTube )

The trio took voice and piano lessons separately with their mom, Holly, and dad, Chris until 2018, when they arranged a song for their cousin’s wedding. That’s when they decided to take the world together with their music.

Seeing all the judges turn their seats after the performance, the three siblings were overwhelmed with joy, and Kelly Clarkson, the first to turn the chair was more than impressed.

She was really impressed with Girl In Tom’s rendition to the point that the singer compared their performance to Johnny Cash’s cover of Nine Inch Nail’s iconic track ‘Hurt’.

While the group still has a long journey ahead in The Voice, it’s apparent by now that their talent has reached out to many listeners across the globe. So, let’s look at their influences and the style of music they play.  

Influences & Style Of Girl Named Tom

Speaking of artistic pursuit, the harmonious trio has managed to squeeze not only the classics but also the modern pop music into their influences including Crosby, Stills & Nash, Joni Mitchell as well as modern artists like Taylor Swift, The Wailin’ Jennys, and Adrianne Lenker.

Audiences are in love with their performance ( Source: Twitter )

They’re looking forward to bringing their new songs to the audience this spring. The band is fond of playing devotional songs which reflect their religious upbringing.

Ranging from gospel to modern music, the trio is able to masterfully present their renditions of the songs with precise harmonizations even in live performances. Moving on, let’s take a look at their personal lives.

Family & Personal Life Details

The siblings were born to Chris Liechty and Holly Hollenberg Liechty. Bekah Grace, the front member of the band, is pretty active on Instagram through which she also supports local businesses and artists. Caleb, the oldest among the three, went to Goshen Community School in Prairie View.

He participated in the school’s music programs on numerous occasions.  Joshua, the singer, and producer of the band graduated from high school in 2015.

He seems to be in a relationship with high school sweetheart Erin Bontrager.

Joshua Liechty with his girlfriend ( Source: Instagram )

The couple is really into baseball and even supports the same team i.e Indians!

Girl Named Tom’s Musical Journey and Income Sources

When the band first started touring in 2019, they weren’t off to a good start as they got into a car accident. Although their car took some damage, nobody was injured and their equipment and gears were fine as well. Disheartened by the accident, they still made it to Carthage, New York.

The beauty of Niagara falls added with a warm welcome from the hosts helped lift the mood and they were able to muster enough drive to pull through the situation. The band would continue playing live shows after that including many church performances, with one of them being at the Hillside Community Church in Arlington.

Members of Girl Named Tom during their tour in Washington ( Source: Instagram )

With the family’s deep faith in Christian values, the siblings inherited the love of God in their hearts and would do even more church gigs including Hyattsville Mennonite Church in Washington. Girl Named Tom continued receiving warm welcomes throughout their gigs and started building a fanbase with their passionate performances. 

Girl Named Tom Winning Prize In The Voice & Earnings

As you might also be interested in how the band is monetizing through their music, let’s take a quick look at their sources of income. The band has been touring since 2019 and getting a great response from the audience.

This will only encourage them to schedule more and more live shows and generate some decent income. They provide information about their upcoming gigs on their website. Besides touring, the band also makes money from selling merchandise through it.

Merch designed by Girl Named Tom are on sale ( Source: girlnamedtommerch )

They’ve got printed t-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing essentials. The website also features a separate section for Tip-Jar which is a great way to support the band if you really love what they’re doing.

That’s not all to it, though. With such massive support from the audience, Girl Named Tom have a good chance of winning a whopping $100,000 cash prize and a recording contract with Universal Music Group from The Voice.

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