Interesting Facts About The Russian Musician DVRST Including Real Name & Face Reveal

In the past few months, a Russian artist that goes by the name DVRST has been raking in attention on YouTube and Spotify alike. The beatmaker whose real name turns out to be Valera Zaitsev has been consistently putting out his music for the past two years on multiple platforms.

The face reveal of Valera Zaitsev A.K.A DVRST ( Source: Spotify )

Despite clear-cut popularity among EDM listeners, there is very little information about the artist on the internet. So, let’s guide you through some interesting details about DVRST we’ve uncovered.

Discography (Albums and singles )

The EDM musician has been releasing back-to-back exhilarating tracks for the past two years. So far, he has released two albums, an EP, and a lot of singles on Spotify. Quickly after the release of the EP Old Library in 2020, DRVST has progressively risen to popularity by producing numerous songs with distinct vibe each time.

Official Instagram page of DVRST ( Source: Soundcloud )

What’s even more impressive is that he made two albums- Bxrn Tx Die and Words are not needed in 2021 alone, and not to mention, many singles as well. His most-streamed tracks are Close Eyes, Endless Love, Dream Space, and Motion. Let’s move on to how active the artist is on various social media platforms including the performance of his songs on streaming platforms.

Real Name, Social Media Presence And Performance Of Songs

The name DVRST, pronounced as “Divert”, is getting quite popular on various social media platforms. The artist also has an Instagram account with over eleven thousand followers.  where he shares excerpts of his songs. He is also seen active on VK, a Russian online social media and social networking service based in Saint Petersburg.

He has over 21 thousand followers on the platform. With over 100 thousand followers and 1.6 million likes, he is doing fairly well on the video-sharing portal Tiktok as well. Taking into account how consistently he releases his songs, one can only speculate that his fanbase will only continue to grow in the coming years.

Moving on to his popularity in streaming platforms, the Russian beatmaker has almost 3 million monthly listeners and over 60 thousand followers on Spotify alone. Even then, his SoundCloud popularity is not something to take a blind eye to. Providing 41 different tracks to listen to, the musician has acquired more than 10 thousand followers on the platform.

By now, you must already be curious about the trending track from the EDM artist. So let’s take a look at that for a moment.

DVRST Is Trending On YouTube

After the song Close Eyes got used in a meme called “Titan Glow Up”, the track’s popularity went off the charts. The meme features a clip of Snotty Boy from Barnyard growing up to be Titan, the antagonist from the 2010 animated film Megamind. The catchy groove instantly caught the attention of those who came across the meme and the song in a jiffy reached the ears of other people as well.

Since EDM listeners started looking up the song, it crossed 8 million views on YouTube. The track also managed to hit the top 50 viral songs in the Spotify Charts in Russia. In the same fashion, the song ranked among the top 100 best songs on the global charts of YouTube Music. With such an impressive performance, the musician is becoming more influential in Russia.

Separating the song from the meme, it has got a chill vibe to it. The song manages to instantly get you on the hook with its playful groove and distorted electronic bass. Interestingly, the sample of rap vocals used in this track is taken from Still Ridin’ Clean by Project Pat. Unlike the original song, the beats run on a higher tempo in Close Eyes. In addition to the change in tempo, the overall rhythm section is solely composed by DRVST, which changes the entire delivery of Project Pat’s rap vocals.

Speaking of his songwriting instinct, the EDM artist manages to blend several styles of music into his tracks to create a unique mixture of a myriad of influences. Thanks to this open-minded approach, his songs are far from being bland or all sounding the same. 

On a recent Instagram post, he wrote in Russian “I’m high” while sharing a short clip of one of his songs. Though there is no way to confirm this, it leaves room for curiosity on whether he takes weed while writing some of his songs.

Also, given that they go under the same name “DVRST”, people often confuse the Russian musician with another musician duo from Austria. To clear the confusion, both of them are in fact, different artists.

Lots of DVRST’s songs feature clips from anime. Interestingly, the musician has a liking for anime as he is seen collaborating with a Russian video maker who goes by the name Valera Borov on VK. Whether or not Valera, who is currently living in Japan, makes those anime clips for him is open to question.

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