Interesting Facts On Toru Muranishi, The Man Netflix’s The Naked Director Is Based On

The Naked Director, Netflix’s original series from Japan was quite a treat for JAV fans as well as viewers around the world. The comedy-drama series is a dramatization of real-life adult directing mogul Toru Muranishi who revolutionized the adult industry of Japan by tackling several political, social, and internal challenges.

Apart from adult humor and drama, the show is also a look at the history of the cultural shift that was taking place in the 80s’ Japan.

The reception was pretty good by outlets like Decider comparing The Naked Director to the Japanese version of Breaking Bad

However, as much as Toru Muranishi ( played by Takayuki Yamada) is glorified in the series by presenting his faults, the reality is far more different. The real-life Toru was a controversial figure and was well known for several legal charges he faced that included sexual crimes.

The real Toru Muranishi ( Source: Twitter )

So, let us separate reality from fiction and strip naked our larger-than-life figure Toru.

Toru Muranishi’s Age, Early Struggles

The director/actor was born in 1949 in a small town in Japan. He is currently 72 years old as of 2021.

Interestingly, Netflix viewers know well that the businessman started out as a struggling salesman in the show which is actually based on the true events of his life. In fact, Toru’s childhood was filled with poverty and scarcity of several basic needs so had to work his way to the top working hard.

The clip above contains early footage of real-life Toru Muranishi and his team ( Source : YouTube )

Before being a salesman, he worked several other jobs that included running his own noodle shops. He even sold towels with celebrities’ pictures printed on them to meet daily needs.

Above all, one of the most tiresome and soul-demanding jobs Toru get into was holding an advertisement sign for almost 12-hour.

Nevertheless, it does show that Toru was used to stepping up in the face of challenges from a young age.

A Life Full Of Luxury

As evident from watching The Naked Director, Toru did very well for himself financially upon venturing into the adult industry. His lavish lifestyle was even grand after establishing his own production company named Diamond Visual.

Toru lived lavishly while peaking financially ( Source : Netflix )

After he founded the company in 1988, it generated a turnover of 10 billion yen. One of his houses ( that included his own studio) was worth a billion yen. On top of that, he owned a 400 million yen boat.

These facts have been very well documented in the show towards the second half of season 2.

Toru’s Legal Battles

In case you aren’t aware, Toru has been arrested seven times to date on several criminal charges.  As viewers are well -known, he was jailed for a year in Hawaii for violating the Mann Act that prohibited the transport of women for immoral purposes in 1986.

Also, he was criminally charged with employing an underage girl as an actress in one of his videos.

Toru also served a year in US prison ( Source : Netflix )

Moreover, in 1992, his empire fell down after he was 5 million yen in debt because of his failed satellite network that became the centerpiece of The Naked Director Season 2.

Throughout this turmoil, what he hated the most was his friends in the business backing off as soon his career started going down the drain.

A Long List Of Intercourse

Toru claims he has had been physically intimate with more than 7000 women throughout his career and this doesn’t really come as a surprise. After all, being in the adult entertainment business, half of these seem to be for video shooting purposes.

Toru with his employees ( Source: Instagram )

Even at this old age, he managed to remain active by appearing in the JAV videos. For instance, in 2014, he performed in an adult video alongside popular actress Yui Hatano and Yumi Kazama. Frequent viewers of Javguru are pretty well aware of these two (wink).

He directed the movie under Madonna production house under the title ‘The Emperor Of P**n’.

Thus its suffice to say that Toru indeed led a very crazy life full of ups and down as portrayed in Netflix’s The Naked Director.

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