Is Mike Shinoda Still Affiliated With Linkin Park? What’s His Net Worth Today?

As a consequence of the sorrowful demise of the legendary frontman Chester Bennington, Linkin Park has taken a back seat in contrast to their early days of stardom. Be that as it may, the band still has whys and wherefores to come together for concerts and other shows, especially for supporting a good cause, as they did for Haiti which had suffered a devastating earthquake this year.

The band being influential as they are would quickly draw their fans to the event given that they’ve put out many great songs in their repertoire for several years.

Mike’s Involvement In The Current Music Scene

Speaking of Shinoda’s whereabouts, the singer appears to be actively involved on Twitch, a video live streaming service popular among gamers. With over 150 thousand followers, Mike streams music and art-related content day in, day out.

The rapper’s history with Linkin Park is something that everyone is aware of. Granting the fact that the band is not as functional as they used to be, Mike is nowhere close to taking it easy when it comes to music. In fact, he has been actively collaborating with new artists and is still very much involved in the present music scene.

Mike recently collaborated with pop artists Upsahl and Iann Dior on the track Happy Endings ( Source: YouTube )

Collaborations not only make for growth and discovery for creators but also gives them room to maneuver their craft into something new. In that way, the singer is giving his fans new things to look for in his songs that necessarily don’t need to be the type of songs that he did with Linkin Park.

EP Influenced by Chester’s Death

In the year 2017, fans of Linkin Park all around the world were eagerly waiting for their new album One More Light, the one that Chester himself was very excited about. Little did we know that the year would bring us the devastating news of the demise of the much-celebrated singer. After Chester’s death, Shinoda, having worked with Chester for years was shaken to his core and revealed that Linkin Park would still continue.

We can catch a glimpse of Chester’s struggles and his crippling depression in the music video of the song Heavy from the same album.

Coming to grips with the loss of a friend, a year after Chester’s death, Mike released a solo debut EP containing three songs, each heavily influenced by the trauma of the incident. The songs, despite being very personal feelings of Mike, resonate with lots of people who are struggling against depression.

Let’s move on to how the rapper from Linkin park is making money these days.

Mike’s Rarning Sources Now

The Linkin Park singer’s source of income ranges from royalties from digital streams to merchandise and even NFT (non-fungible token) sales of his creations. As per celebrity net worth, Shinoda’s net worth is estimated to be around $65 million. 

The singer enjoyed a very successful career as a member of Linkin Park and released several albums with them. The band rose to popularity from their debut album Hybrid theory and were renowned worldwide. The impact of the band’s other albums also can’t be let fall between the cracks, as Meteora topped the Billboard 200 album chart, with the band selling more than 70 million albums worldwide.

Outside of Linkin Park, Shinoda formed a side project named Fort Minor between 2003 and 2004 which was more hip-hop-centric than the songs he did with his former band.

In October 2019, the singer bought a newly-built mansion in Encino, California for $7.95 million. The mansion was sold for $9 million to hip-hop producer Ernest Dion Wilson in October 2020.

Recently, Shinoda is looking for new ways of monetizing his creations, whether it be artworks or music by selling their NFTs through his store. To give you an example, the rapper held an NFT auction for his song “Happy endings” in the online marketplace Zora, which contained a 75-second clip of the song, attached with his animation of artwork by him and the contemporary artist Cain Caser. This trend of the artists themselves getting actively involved before selling their NFT products has created an irreplaceable value in those products.

The blockchain authenticated system of transactions has drawn the attention of many musicians who are now making millions by selling NFTs of their music, artworks, photographs, video clips, and many more. Buyers have quickly picked up on the trend with the emerging purchasers of NFT products increasingly surging on the internet.

I’ve been watching NFTs for a while. Linkin Park has like a VC arm, and a few years ago we did a bunch of meetings with different companies about investment and the idea of creating blockchain-related merchandise. And I was like, “I feel like we’re ready for it. But fans aren’t ready for it. Nobody’s going to buy it.” So we just stayed away from it. And it wasn’t until this year when I was like, “Oh, people are ready.

Aside from the NFT store, he also has got a merchandise store where he sells a variety of products ranging from apparel and skateboards to digital copies of his albums. The singer is bagging in lots of money from both his stores. Shinoda along with Brad Delson, his bandmate from Linkin Park, together own a music company that goes by the name Machine Shop co. (commonly called Machine Shop or Linkin Park Inc.). Established in 2012, the company was recognized by CB Insights as the seventh most invested company by any celebrity according to an independent study released on August 14, 2015, the playing factors for it being major investments in “Lyft”, “Blue Bottle Coffee Company” and “Shyp”.

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