Jack Barakat Would Be Ok With A Lawyer With Tattoos

Jack Barakat is best known in the music arena for his involvement with the group All Time Low. He is the lead guitarist in the rock band alongside other members that including vocalist Alex Gaskarth and drummer Rian Dawson.

Apart from music, Jack is also notable for his sense of style and chic personality. After all, his fans are well aware of his tattoos that cover some portion of his body which he displays in the public from time to time. So, let’s take a look at the inked art on his skin and the story behind them.

Blink-182 Bunny

Growing up, Jack listened to punk rock bands and Blink-182 was one of the most influential ones that inspired him to create music. Blink-182 is perhaps best known for tracks like I Miss You and All The Small Things that were a go-to song in everyone’s playlist back in 2004.

Blink 182 bunny tattoo on Jack’s left arm ( Source: YouTube )

Interestingly, the blink 182 bunny logo tattoo was a signature image that defined the band and Jack considers them to be his favorite musical group.

However, the guitarist made up his mind to get the tattoo of Blink 182 Bunny after he saw band member Rian getting it.

In fact, Mark Hoppus, the legend himself got in touch with members of All Time Low after coming across the video of them getting the Blink-182 Bunny tattoo. And as expected, they toured together on several occasions.

Jack Skellington

If you look closely on the left chest of Jack, a tattoo showcasing Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas is visible. To be honest, the character is kind of a stereotypical image in the realm of goth.

However, there is a bit of a twist on the artwork since you can clearly see Jack playing a purple guitar instead, and looks kind of hairy to say the least.

Jack Skelligton tattoo on his chest ( Source: YouTube )

The artist who did the tattoo is a close friend of Jack and even worked for the Madden brothers. For such a vibrant and colorful artwork embedded in the skin, Jack does take good care of keeping it that way.

In order to make sure the color doesn’t fade with time, he puts on a 50 SPF sunblock cream while out on the beach.

Barakat Wants A Lawyer With Lot Of Tattoos

There is no denying that people with tattoo-covered skin are judged quickly by people around them. And the singer thinks that it’s time that this stereotypical outlook changes now.

I do think lot of people judge other people if they are covered in tattoos. They tend to create their own idea about someone and preconceived stuff. I on the other hand would’t take someone less seriously if they had tattoos. In fact, it would awesome to have a lawyer with bunch of tattoos.

Now, that he seems to be getting caught in a scandal about having inappropriate relations with underage fans, having a lawyer with a tattoo must be the least of his concern.

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