Japan Set New Internet Speed Record With 319 Tbps Transfer

The gigabit Internet speed record ten years ago seems completely inadequate today. Motherboard reports that scientists from Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NICT) broke the Internet transmission record by mixing data at 319 Tbps.

For the context, that’s almost double that a group of researchers in the UK and Japan achieved 179 Tbit/s in August 2020. NTIC did the feat by improving virtually every stage of the pipeline.

The fiber optic line had four cores instead of one, and the researchers used rare mass amplifiers to fire a 552-channel multi-wavelength comb laser.

While the test was strictly confined to the lab, the team used coiled fiber optics to transmit data over a simulated distance of 1,864 miles without sacrificing signal quality or speed.

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As with many of these experiments, it can take a long time for this performance to have a significant impact. Although quad-core fiber would work with existing networks, the system could be very expensive. more important than the cost.

However, this may affect your use of the Internet. NICT researchers envision their next-generation fiber manufacturing technologies “beyond 5G” (like 6G) in a more practical way. You can easily see the benefits of switching to faster Internet access, which goes under as the number of users increases.

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