Who Is J.B. Smoove Married To ? Details On The Actors First Wife & Daughter Revealed

ActorJ.B. Smoove is best known for memorable roles in hit shows including Curb Your Enthusiasm where his chemistry with Larry David shines in every episode. This onscreen role even prompted many fans to wonder if the two were good friends behind the cameras as well.

Turns out they are Larry even came to attend his 50th birthday party. However, J.B.’s notoriety isn’t just limited to this HBO series, throughout his career, he was affiliated in a range of notable shows. From doing minor roles in shows like Everybody Hates Chris to lending a voice in shows like The Family Guy, he is famous for all the right reasons. And his role in Spiderman has been a huge step up in his career.

But little is known about his mysterious partner who was by his side during his struggling days in showbiz. So, let’s look at the woman he no longer shares a bond with and the woman he’s settled with right now.

Who Is J.B. Smoove Married To Today?

J.B.’s wife is Shahidah Omar, a singer, and entrepreneur whom he married back in 2007. Their wedding was held on 7th July that year in a private ceremony.

The actor’s partner Shahidah( born on 7th May 1965 ) is a singer who is yet to find mainstream success like J.B. Nevertheless, she pursues her musical aspiration releasing tracks she describes as ‘hybrid of Soul, Synth-Pop, Hip Hop, New Wave, Acoustic and Alternative Rock.’

JB Smoove with wife after his Emmy win ( Source: Instagram )

Apart from music-making, Shahidah is a founder of a lifestyle brand named ‘ Basic Peace’. Mostly, apparel is sold through her brand, and J.B. is involved in marketing the items as well.

Talking about their relationship though, it’s something both of them haven’t shied away from flaunting. As apparent from their Instagram post, the pair keep their marriage fresh after all these years.

Thirteen years married and still dating. @shahclectic and I enjoy these spontaneous moments of life. #flashback to when we could all breathe in the same space.

We thank everyone for their Happy Anniversary wishes. 

Although J.B. has been married to Shahidah for more than a decade, they still don’t share a child together. However. He does have a daughter from a previous relationship with a woman whose identity wasn’t known until now. But before we reveal her, let’s take a look at J.B. Smoove’s beautiful daughter.

JB’s Daughter & Ex-Wife Information

Fans of J.B. who are up to date with his Insta post are well aware he has a grown-up daughter named J Brooks, born in 1993. She currently resides in California with her boyfriend.

J.B. Smoove’s daughter with boyfriend ( Source: Instagram )

J graduated from College in 2017 and is currently working for Sustainably Kind, a sustainability consulting firm run by her friend Ariel Ouziel.

Interestingly, J Brooks is J.B.’s daughter from a previous relationship with a woman named Monica Hughes.

J.B. Smoove’s ex-wife Monica back in 1994 ( Source: Instagram )

Although it isn’t known when JB separated from his now 52-year-old ex-wife, the two are completely cut off from one another. However, their daughter is on good terms with both of them.

More Interesting Facts About JB Smoove:

  • J.B. Smoove isn’t actually the actor’s real name. His actual legal name is Jerry Brooks and he later added Smoove to his name.
  • J.B. is vegan like his ex-wife and devoted to veganism. It is a practice of exploiting or harming animals for food or let’s just say it’s a hardcore vegan version.
  • Back in 2018, J.B. Smoove revealed to The Los Angeles Times that the salary he received from Curb Your Enthusiasm was far better than doing guest appearances in big movies.
  • Apart from doing commercials for big brands like Audi, the artist also starred in an ad for Mountain Dew back in 2011.
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