Did The Korean Owner Of YouTube Channel ‘One Meal A Day Reveal’ His Face?

If you are looking for cooking tutorials on YouTube that are easy to follow and are more practical, then typing ‘One Meal A Day’ will suffice. Consisting of simple recipes, the mysterious cook in this popular channel of Korean dish hardly uses any complicated recipes. 

The recipe featured in One Meal A Day uses simple ingredients that include red pepper or paster, salt, soy sauce in most of the dishes to make mouth-watering dishes, mostly Korean.

Considering the fact that the channel was founded in 2019, One Meal A Day has gained popularity at a fast rate. With almost close to reaching a 5 million subscriber count, international audience, it even managed to gain a spot at 2019 YouTube Rewind.

The identity of One Meal A Day is still not revealed ( Source : YouTube Screenshot )

Above all, the creator and the person featured in the videos is quite a mysterious figure, and shy to some degree. Sadly, One Meal A Day creator has yet to reveal his face, but there are hints that point to this mysterious Korean YouTubers personality.

One Meal A Day Creator Is A Guy

When the sweet and shot videos of One Meal A Day start to play, viewers are immediately drawn to the sound of the cooking stove along with the simplicity of the cooking process. It’s as if even a 6-year-old can copy what he does. Yes, the creator of this lovely channel is a guy, and this fact is evident from one simple fact, the clothing style.

In his Instagram, there are pictures where it’s evident that our Korean Youtuber is wearing a long sleeve winter jacket. Due to this many have concluded that One Meal A day is run by a female.

But if you have come across one picture, viewers can clearly see him wearing men’s indoor sandals.

The footwear thats worn by One Meal A Day creator confirms he’s a guy ( Source: Instagram )

For someone who is very meticulous, clean, organized, and passionate about cooking, it’s stereotypical to assume them as female. At least, we now can confirm his gender, if not actual identity. As for the face, there is yet to come a video of his face reveal and many of his fans really wish he did one.

Also, some viewers have pointed out that the YouTuber is currently a student. Looking at his desks and the meals that suit for college dorm, it is very likely he is a scholar as of now.

The YouTuber Really Loves Tangerine

Viewers who have gone three several videos of One Meal A Day are well aware he LOVES eating a tangerine. This bumped-up and sweeter version of orange fruit come in various varieties in Korea. But the one variety our peculiar YouTuber likes is Cheonhyehyang variety which is sweeter and less acidic in nature.

The YouTuber has a great liking for Tangerine ( Source: Instagram )

One Meal A Day videos are filled with a cameo of this fruit and if you head off to his Instagram page ( username is omad.log ), you’ll find several pictures featuring Tangerine.

It’s really nice to know that a guy whose identity is rooted in minimalism has simple taste.

A Cat Person

Cats rule the internet, almost, and these indifferent yet so adorable creatures also rule One Meal A Day creator’s heart. 

Wonder what the third post of our YouTubers Instagram is? Well, it’s none other than cats of course.

One worshipped in Egypt by Pharaohs, they can be found everyone, especially in the streets. And our YouTuber doesn’t miss a chance to click their picture and pet them whenever he comes across cats.

One among many pics of cats from One Meal A Day ( Source: Instagram )

Sadly, many cats don’t give a damn and I guess it’s okay. You can’t always expect to be loved back, and yet we keep giving them the love we can.

Who Owns One Meal A Day?

There are rumors on the web that a big company collectively own channels One Meal A Day,( 하루한끼), and Paik’s Cuisine (백종원의 요리비책). But this claim hasn’t yet been verified yet.

Moreover, judging by the email provided in One Meal A Day Instagram, it’s evident the platform is independent.

The Instagram bio of One Meal A Day contains contact information ( Source: Instagram )

To date,  there has been only one major brand paid promotion in the channel i.e. Nescafe. Hopefully, One Meal A Day will do a face reveal video very soon and continue creating quality content.

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