Squid Games Lee Jung-Jae Secretly Dated Ex-Wife Of Samsung Vice Chairman

For those familiar with the Netflix’s hit Battle Royale plot juxtaposed show Squid Game, the name Lee Jung-Jae will ring a bell. After all, he is the main lead in the adrenaline-filled drama that managed to bring a surge in two South Korean media stocks.

The show is somehow similar in terms of a plot device to Alice In Borderland as well but has deeper themes on poverty, class disparity and the moral ambiguity one faces during tough times with high stakes.

Lee plays the character Seong Gi-hun in Squid Game ( Source: YouTube )

Jung-jae might be a new face to the western audience with the popularity of Squid Game, but he is a household name in South Korea and no stranger to people who appreciate the films from this nation.

Also, many aren’t well aware of his relationship details that have their own share of controversies, So, let’s take a look at the love life of Lee Jung-Jae.

Lee Jung-jae Dated Actress Kim Min Hee

Before we dive into Lee’s current partner, let’s take a look at the one he loved before. Almost a decade ago, Jung-Jae was in a relationship with South Korean actress Kim Min-Hee who is mostly known for roles in critically movies that include The Handmaiden (2016) and On The Beach At Night Alone (2017). 

She is also known for her frequent collaboration with Hong Sang-soo ( from the latter movie) and her subsequent relationship with him that bought a few controversies.

However, prior to all this Lee and Kim were a pair and even acted together in a movie named Asako In Ruby Shoes ( 2000).

Lee Jung-Jae dated Kim Min-Hee in 2000 ( Source: YouTube )

Interestingly, as the two were dating, Lee Jung-jae was introduced to Lim Se Ryung, the wife of Lee Jae-yong, the vice-chairman of Samsung Group. And this is where things started to take a different turn.

Confidential Dating With Lim Se Ryung

In 2010, a Korean news outlet spotted Lee and Lim Se Ryung leaving for a trip to the Philippines together. By then, Lim, already a mother to two children had already divorced her husband Lee Jae-yong in 2009.

However, both of them denied any speculations from fans and media that they were romantically involved. In fact, Lee Jung-jae and Lim even threatened to sue media outlets for spreading false rumors.

But in 2015, Lee finally admitted he was in a romantically involved relationship with Lim Se Ryung.

Lee Jung-Jae with girlfriend Lim Se Ryung in 2021 ( Source: Instagram )

Although the pair aren’t married yet, they continue to date and were spotted on several occasions from time to time. The actor was spotted with his girlfriend in March 2019 at Art Basel Exhibition held in Hong Kong.

More Facts On Lee Jung-jae

  • Although Lee’s net worth isn’t confirmed yet, he has big investments in South Korea.
  • The actor owns several chains of Italian restaurants across Korea named  Il Mare, named after his movie from the year 2000.
  • Lee Jung-jae shares a special bond of friendship and business with another popular Korean actor Jung- Woo-sung with whom he worked in City Of The Rising Sun.
  • Both of them have financial stakes in two company: Seorim C&D and ‘Artist Company.
  • Lee Jung-jae doesn’t have an official Instagram account and tries to keep himself away from social media.
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