London Grammar’s Hannah Reid Current Boyfriend And Struggle In Former Relationship Revealed

Hannah Reid, the singer from the chart-topping indie-pop trio London Grammar, is outspoken about her experience of misogyny in the music industry. For all one is worth, the things she’s seen and been through have also made their way into her songs. For instance, these things are barefaced in the band’s third studio album Californian Soil. As far as Reid is concerned, the singer has got the better of the agonizing barter and is gutsily pressing ahead. To back it up, the album ranked number 1 in the UK album charts.

The frontwoman of London Grammar has been through her fair share of uphill battles early on in her career, and although the looming sexism in the industry had its role in triggering her stage fright, the hectic schedules in touring weren’t doing her any better. The singer was constantly burned out after every tour and eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

After being overworked with their hectic touring schedules, the band took a much-needed back seat and amended their approach to organizing tours in a matter that fit them the best. Consequently, after a few years of experience playing on the street, they have managed to balance the recording and touring side of their career.

Speaking of her occupancy, Hannah has found a relieving balance in her love life, writing process and the band’s better understanding and control of their schedules. The singer is living with her boyfriend and their french bulldog in West London and focusing on all emotional necessities all at the time of preparing for tours for London Grammar’s recent release.

Although the singer has found a fine and dandy love life with her current partner and occasionally watches football with him, her past relationship was a rollercoaster ride. 

My partner is football-mad so I get sucked into watching that sometimes and, weirdly, football shows use us quite a lot

Rooting For You Is Based On The Challenges She Faced In The Previous Relationship

Hannah seems to be quite used to pouring out her outright emotions into London Grammar’s songs with many of them slanted towards her insecurities and emotional turmoil. As is known that Californian Soil showcases her experience of sexism in the industry, on the other hand, Rooting For You is a song that materialized out of the build-up of conundrums that she went through in her ex-boyfriend.

It’s also about loneliness within a relationship and the difficulty of being in a relationship and on the road.

The song’s lyric theatrically captures the feeling of being lonely in a relationship and the unapproachability between two people no matter how physically near they are. Starting with a powerful acapella reflective of the loneliness, the instruments don’t get in the way during the first half of the song. Having said that, the emotions in her standalone voice go hand in hand with the theme of desertedness in the song.

As Reid sings the lines “I’d love to always love you, but I’m scared of loneliness when I’m, when I’m alone with you”, the plain-spoken experiences of her past relationship is readily apparent. Having gone through the phase of a relationship in which two people are getting drained of their energy rather than being filled with vitality, the song uncomplicatedly paints the picture of the haughtiness of a failed relationship. These representations are intensified as soon as the instruments join in with her mellifluous voice.

Dot Major, the drummer of the band in an interview with Billboard explained why the first half of the song is an Acapella. 

Hannah just basically wrote that song as an Acappella kind of thing, like in the shower. So it was basically like, she used to sing that when we were sound checking in 2015-16. So we took the a cappella and we just arranged the music around it. But because I think the vocal just solo is so powerful that I think we wanted people to hear it like that.

Every experience of pleasure and pain for an artist can turn into inspiration to write a new lyric and fill in colors through the immaculate arrangement of instruments. Despite the agony, the exposure to challenges in her past relationships turned into a great song. At the same time, Reid is now living cosily with her new partner. 

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