Maria Ozawa’s AV Career Broke The Precious Bond She Had With Her Mother

The adult industry is still a taboo subject in most parts of the world- more so in the Asian culture. Even though the world is ever-modernizing, the topic of adult movies is still stigmatized mostly due to the outlook towards it rather than some legit issue it still needs to solve. To have your career in the adult industry seems to take a lot of emotional strength, keeping in mind that most families would never approve of their child stepping foot in the industry and Maria Ozawa, a former pioneer in this field proved this point yet again.

Many adult movie stars have shared their experiences of when they first told their parents about being an adult movie star/pornstar. Of course, not all parents disapprove of their children joining the industry, but retired adult stars like Maria revealed that their parents were absolutely devastated when they heard their decision.

Maria Ozawa’s Journey At JAV

When former Japanese adult model Maria Ozawa, a Japanese model/actress when she first got into the industry, everything around her was about to change for the better and for the worst. She first set foot in the adult industry at the age of 18 back in 2005, by performing under the name Miyabi. Of course, she was doing stripped magazine Friday featured her in a pin-up and that was when her parents found out. 

The early days of Maria’s time at the AV industry ( Source: Twitter )

The moment her parents found out is self-described by Maria as a “dark story”. Maria already had a bad relationship with her mother by the time she was featured in the magazine. Her mother, who was devastated when she found out, called out Maria as an embarrassment to the family and even told her that she would disown her as a daughter. Those weren’t just words from her mother- she actually cut off relations with Maria, which Maria found out after she had been notified by the City Hall.

My mother said to me, ‘ if you get naked, your dreams won’t come true’.

Even though Maria was obviously heartbroken by the decision, she didn’t let her dreams falter. She had always dreamed of becoming famous through the adult movie industry and had set her goals to do so. Not only that, Maria now had a point to prove to her parents and aimed to use the adult industry as a stepping stone to success.

Many actresses start off with modeling, then get pin-up features, and then finally set their foot in the adult industry. However, Maria always wanted to start off with the adult industry. She wanted to use the recognition that she got in the industry to boost her other goals in life. She worked for three years in the adult industry, during which she gained a lot of recognition, and then quit.

Quitting AV Industry, Relationship With Parents Now

In an interview, Maria said that her retirement from the industry wasn’t forced at all, it was just that she achieved the goal that she had aimed for in the adult industry, and to achieve her other goals, she had to leave.

After the model left, she studied acting and tried a few small projects here and there which weren’t really that successful. She worked as a stripper for quite some time after that and moved to the Philippines in 2015, which would bring a little silver lining in her relationship with her mother. There, she contacted her parents for the first time in years.

Maria was doing quite well for herself during that time and called her mother to say so. She was the co-owner of two lounges in the Philippines by then and when she told her mother that, her mother praised her. In one of her Youtube videos, Maria describes this moment as feeling like she finally won over her mother.

I told her that I’m the part owner of two lounges. I said I’m doing my best overseas. Then my mother praised me. I felt so happy upon hearing that and I felt like crying.At that time, I thought that my mother has finally admitted me.

She still doesn’t contact her parents too often but says that she and her mothers are not on particularly bad terms at the moment. Looking back at all of this, Maria says she understands the reaction from her parents but she wishes that her mother tried to understand her better. She calls the reaction “natural” implying that any parent would have reacted in shock.

It is quite apparent that even if her relationship with her mother wasn’t that good before, her decision to join the industry only worsened the relationship. However, Maria doesn’t seem to regret her decisions and looks like she owns her stage name, Maria Ozawa. “I want to be Maria Ozawa as much as possible.”

Maria now makes a living doing paid product placements under sponsorships.

A product placement video by Maria Ozawa

She’s also still got a lot of charm and her beauty doesn’t seem to have faltered a bit, which can be seen in the various modeling paid photoshoots that she’s indulged in.

She has also seemed to find success on Youtube, with her content keeping her fans pretty interested as suggested by her youtube channel. Her Youtube channel boasts almost 200,000 subscribers and her dream of being recognized and her goals have seemingly been accomplished.

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