Interesting Facts On Matrix Star Daniel Bernhardt’s Wife & Action Career

If you love action-packed cinematic works such as John Wick, Bloodsport, and Matrix Franchise, then the name Daniel Bernhardt certainly rings a bell. After all, he played the role of Agent Johnson in Matrix Reloaded. And a peculiar Taekwondo champion in one of the most hilarious yet action-packed episodes of Bill Hader’s critically acclaimed show Barry.

Barry’s fight scene involving Daniel is considered among the best by scholars ( Source: YouTube )

Now that the Swiss actor is about to reprise the role in a major blockbuster franchise i.e Matrix again, let’s take a look at his life off and on screen.

Daniel Bernhart’s Wife Info & Daughter Reveal

The stuntman is married to a beautiful lady named Lisa Stothard with whom he also shares similarities in terms of career. Like him, Lisa is involved in the field of showbiz and moviemaking.

Daniel with his wife Lisa during early days ( Source: Instagram )

Daniel’s wife has few acting credits in popular movies such as Dumb and Dumber and Gia. The latter one consisted of Angelina Jolie as the lead cast and Lisa has a small role as a model.

Currently, Lisa is involved in the production side of the film business with Kicking Productions Inc to her ownership. Founded in 2009, her company is based in California and Daniel is also a co-owner of their business.

The two met during the 80s, married in 1996, and eventually welcomed their beautiful daughter Bella Bernhart in 2003.

Daniel’s daughter Lisa Bella ( Source: Instagram )

The daddy-daughter duo can still be seen having good times among the premieres of Daniels movies.

More Interesting Facts About Daniel Bernhardt

  • Daniel was born and raised in Switzerland where his parents worked as a dancer.
  • The actor’s iconic fight scene with Lawrence Fishburne in Matrix Reloaded took more than one week to film. Not only did the filming involved stunt rehearsals but there was motion capture.
  • Growing up, Daniel was inspired to get involved in stunt business after watching films of Bruce Lee and several Hong Kong action cinemas.
  •  He is a member of 87Eleven, one of the greatest fight teams in Hollywood.
Daniel during the filming of Bloodsport ( Source: Instagram )
  • Daniels best action movie to date is Zhang Yimou’s classic movie ‘Hero’. He especially admires the fight sequence that takes between Jet Li and Donnie Yen.
  • As per Bill Hader, the decision to cast Daniel Bernhart in Barry was influenced after lady members of the production team was impressed during casting phase.
  • Daniel broke his right leg while filming Bloodsport with Jean-Claude Van Damme. He only realised gettinginjured after the actor told him to stop.
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