Maytree, South Korean A cappella Members Revealed

The realm of the internet is quite an interesting one because peculiar and yet beautiful creations from talents across the world are scattered around it. For instance, one popular musical group in YouTube from South Korea has kept viewers wondering about the beautiful limitations of the human voice by mimicking almost every pop–culture stuff we are aware of, be it the sound of Windows OS or the intro to the classic show The Simpsons.

Maytree perform the acapella version of the popular Netflix show’s soundtrack Squid Game ( Source: YouTube )

Yes, we are talking about Maytree, the Acapella group from South Korea taking the internet by storm. Upon the release of their 2021 viral clip titled’ Windows Sound Effect’.,Monica Chin from The Verge even went on to applaud their performance writing ‘I have no idea how human voices can do this.’

And there’s no denying that Maytree will be pushing more beautiful, surprising, and angelic performances on YouTube in days to come. 

After all, Maytree is reigning in platforms like TikTok and YouTube, with almost close to 2 million subscribers on the latter on YouTube alone.

So, for the curious fans of Maytree out there, let’s take you on a journey towards the interesting facts and details surrounding Maytree.

Maytree Members, Age & Their Roles Revealed

For those unaware, Acapella is a complex art form where a group of singers performs without instruments by solely using their pitch in interesting ways. And each member of acapella is designated different roles such as vocalist, soprano. And this applies to Maytree as well. Here’s a list of band members of Maytree along with their role in the group.

  • Kwon Yeong-hoon – Acapella Tenor  
  • S.I. ( Jang Sang-in ) –  Vocal Perfectionist
  • Im Soo-yeon A.K.A Erika Lim 임수연  – Soprano
  • Kang Soo-gyeong – Alto
  • Kim Wonjong. (Kim Sunjoo) – Bass

Talking about the age of respective members, Yeong is 36 years old, Erika is 30, Kang is 32, Kim being 30 whereas Jang is the oldest in the band.

In case you want to follow them, Erika’s Insta handle is @sy_maytree, SooKyung Kang’s Instagram username is @soogung.

Meaning Of Maytree & Formation

The name Maytree does bring into question what it means and turns out that the group named it for metaphoric reasons. During their interview with Arirang TV back in April 2021, Erika revealed that the band took inspiration from Hawthorn blooming season in May that feels like a fresh start.

With such a green and fresh heart, music acapella music is rich and fresh everyday like Maytree during that season.

As evident today, Maytree has lived up to this name and every video published by the group feels fresh and with new elements to it. 

Maytree alongside a fan during their trip to Russia ( Source: Instagram )

Interestingly, most members of the group don’t have a musical background. S.I. graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering, Wonjong studied Computer Science and Soo studied architecture whereas Erika is a high school graduate.

However, they all connected due to their love for music and S.I. was the one who bought them together in the year 2000.

But at the start, Maytree just kept on doing Live shows, competing in musical shows, and managed to make decent success. They won several awards in competitions such as the international acapella competition in Taiwan and Okal Total, an annual international acapella competition in Graz.

The group were equally active on stage in Korea prior to finding fame in the internet ( Source: YouTube )

Till 2019, Maytree made a good living following their passion and touring in countries like Russia, Austria.

COVID-19 Helped Maytree Achieve Success In Internet

The pandemic that started in 2019 had a severe impact on artists around the world and Maytree wasn’t spared either. With no more possibility of touring, the group was advised to experiment with their talent on the internet by their producers.

Our producer suggested that instead of doing extremely obvious things, we try something new such as making the sounds of (Microsoft) Windows or phones ringing. After COVID-19 broke out, we had more time for this new endeavor since all of our offline concerts and schedule were canceled.

Thus, the iconic rendition of Maytrees version of Windows sound effect was born., And the video went viral on the web with more than 10 million views.

Microsoft retweeted their video with a hilarious response ( Source: Twitter )

This propelled Maytree’s popularity in the international market. And ever since they have successfully done acapella cover of a range of sounds including iPhone, UEFA, Stars Wars, and recently the famous creepy sound of their home country’s creation Squid Game.

More Interesting Facts On Maytree:

  • Jang Sang-in is responsible for producing and mixing most of the music of Maytree.
  • As per Soo, the most challenging videomaking process Maytree went through was while filming the famous clip ‘playstation sound effect’. They had to mimic the intro of playstation model released n 1995 which was very complex sound effects. Just watch the video and you’ll realize why.
  • Member SooKyung Kang is a sketch artist as well with a knack for calligraphy as apparent from her Instagram.
  • Erika also runs her own YouTube channel titled I’mSuyeon where she covers songs from around the world.
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