Microsoft Edge Browser Now Lets You Share Things Easily

If you have been thinking of changing your browser, Microsoft Edge has just given you a great incentive. Always an exciting look into the future, the latest versions of the desktop version of the browser contain a new feature pack sharing menu. 

Like the sharing menus in the iOS and Android apps, Microsoft is in the process of Implementing a new sharing menu in Edge, which not only simplifies share links with others (or yourself) but also post links on social media platforms as well.

Available for Windows and macOS users, the new sharing menu can be called up by clicking on the menu … and then selecting the ‘Share’ option. It is then possible to use various applications to share a link, including Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. According to Microsoft, more services will be added in due course. 

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The Share menu also contains a shortcut to copy the current page address to the clipboard for pasting into a document or application of your choice. Similarly, more sharing options can be accessed through the native sharing menus on Windows or macOS. 

A New Look To Sharing

Microsoft notes that sharing options isn’t just about sharing links with other people; You can also share links with yourself. Outlook and Gmail email addresses can be added to the quick access menu so you can email yourself with just a few clicks. 

If you’re interested in trying this feature out and taking a quick look at other great tools before they hit major releases, you can join the Edge Insider program which is available here

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