Moments From The East-Blue Saga To look Forward To In One Piece’s Live-Action Netflix Series

The anime has different flavours than the live-action when it comes to the framework of any storyline. The execution of a plot and the humour involved in it, despite being funny in the anime (or manga), when translated into real-world acting, might simply not work, as it might run the risk of looking unnatural, forced, and come across as trying too hard.

Keeping that in mind, the enormous world of One Piece has a lot more to offer, and the live-action adaptation of the series doesn’t really need to cater to the audience any material that looks forced. In only the east-blue saga, there are several captivating moments that are crucial to the story and can attract the fans leaving a satisfactory feeling at the end of each episode.

Although how the CGI and effects will be pulled off in the show is yet to be seen, what the fans can look forward to in the series are the story arcs, character developments, and a multitude of emotions that have been critical part of the manga.

If the story and the character motivations really shine through in Netflix’s adaptation of the manga, the show might end up making a place of its own. So, considering this, let us take a look at some moments for each character from the east-blue strawhats that the fans can await with anticipation. 

1. Nami’s backstory

With the casting of American actress Emily Rudd for Nami’s being well received as it is, the engaging dynamic that Rudd can bring to the table can be centered around Nami’s relation with her foster mother Bellmere and sister Nojiko.

The spark of this small family is heartening and tragic at the same time, as it shows the love that each shares, despite none of them being tied by blood relations. The family of three sheds light on how bonds of love can be even deeper than the bonds formed by blood. Substantially, for the live-action, the scene of the sisters’ childhood tragedy of the passing of their mother Bellmere, who would rather give away her life than utter any words about not having a family, is really powerful and power.

In fact, anyone who hasn’t watched the actual anime or read the manga, when seeing the story of such depth play out in the live-action, can start to see the brilliant writing that the manga series is known for.

That, followed by the maturity and thought process of young Nami who sacrifices her childhood for the love of her family and fellow villagers has the potential to be the highlight of Netflix’s version. Having said that, Rudd carries the responsibility to make the entire thing stamped on your memory.

2. Sanji’s departure from Baratie

Moving on to the kind and chivalrous chef of the strawhat pirates, the ambiguity surrounding the relationship of the character with the head chef Zeff of Baratie,  when unfolded, can stir up gratifying emotions in the viewer’s hearts. 

When Sanji’s motivation of not wanting to leave the restaurant coming from the kindness that Zeff shared by saving the young chef’s life is uncloaked, it will be the key moment for Sanji’s character arc in the series.

A beautiful moment from the episode that feature’s Sanji’s departure ( Source: YouTube )

The ambiguous atmosphere of the restaurant remains unknown in the beginning half of the manga. Nonetheless, the struggles that the two of them had to go through when they were stranded on an island with a limited supply of food, lying alongside the gradual development of their relationship from that point onward will be a treat to the eyes in the series. 

3. Zoro’s pledge for loyalty

Coming to the three-sword-style swordsman Zoro, the man with an unshakeable drive to rise to the top, when gets the opportunity to fulfill his goal of becoming the strongest swordsman, followed by faced a crushing defeat, shows him how he’s still far away from achieving his goal. Having said that, him rather choosing to die than step back, will be a quivering moment to witness in the live-action. To add to that, the moment of pledging his loyalty to the captain of the crew will give the fans something to cheer on. 

Being as how a fiery ambition and an absolute drive to be the best resides in him, the swordsman giving an address to Luffy, whom he has accepted as his captain, sets up for his loyalty that will continue to build up in the future.

Although the actor to play Mihawk’s role is not revealed yet, his first appearance on Netflix’s version will be exciting to see.

4. Usopp’s past

Usopp’s characterization begins with a lot of lies, especially involving the coming of pirates to attack his village. However, behind these lies is an innocent motive, which when revealed can be climacteric for Jacob’s portrayal of Usopp. The young boy’s father Yasopp is a great sniper of the red-haired pirates who left the village to go on an adventure and see the world. As a consequence of his adventurous spirit, Usopp and his mother were left behind in the village.

It is Usopp’s mother who speaks highly of his father, and how he is a brave pirate who is living his dreams, and despite his father not being there for the family, the young boy has great admiration for his father and wants to meet him someday. 

Sadly, his mother was getting sick day by day, and his lies began to sprout from honest feelings of wanting to make his mother happy. Every time he said “Pirates are coming!”, the intention behind it was to bring a smile to his mother’s face, making her think that his father would show up at the door someday. Usopp is a character of great depth, and hopefully, Jacob successfully brings his character to life.  

5. Luffy

Speaking of the main protagonist, the embodiment of willpower, the man who bounces back from adversity as his gomu-gomu fruit suggests, Luffy will have multiple moments in each episode that can bring chill bumps to the audience. Since Luffy is the central figure of the story, Inaki’s appearance on the screen during the climax of each episode in the series will be worth a watch.

There is no single moment that can be pinned down as the highlight for Luffy’s character for the show during the first season, as each episode, and each plot will have Luffy taking the main charge and doing his thing. What we can expect from Luffy’s role in the Netflix version is that he will be one of the driving forces to keep the show in momentum. Therefore, Inaki’s portrayal of the character is crucial to the show. 

To sum it up, there are lots of great moments to look forward to in the One Piece live-action series that can make watching the show worthwhile. 

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