Mr.Fruit’s Net Worth And Info On The YouTubers Income Sources

Streamer and YouTuber Mr.Fruit has come a long way in his career ever since he started out in YouTube back on December 6, 2011. He started out by uploading commentary of his gameplays of Call Of Duty using minimum resources and today, he is among the well-known streamer on platforms like Twitch as well with more than 2 million followers on YouTube alone.

Mr.Fruit's gaming setup
Mr.Fruit’s first gaming setup while starting out on YouTube in 2011 (Source:

With this notoriety, there’s no denying Mr.Fruit ( real name Christian Miller) has prospered financially. So, let’s dive into the information on his net worth and his career through the monetary lens.

How Much Money Does Mr.Fruit Make A Month?

If you search this question on Google, I’m pretty sure you’ll be bombarded with huge figures claiming Mr.Fruit’s net worth ranges in millions and earns a lot in a month.

But, that’s not really the case as even back in 2015, when the gamer had already amassed 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, he made it clear about slowly progressing financially such as through the following tweet where he humorously joked about his net worth.

Mr.Fruits tweet on his net worth from back in 2015 (

Also, as per site, he makes $1.85K a month which is not really an accurate figure as it is very relative. Because back in 2016, the YouTube personality made it clear through a Q&A video that he makes money based on how many of his viewers click on the ads that pop up on his videos revealing,

Views don’t matter. It’s about how many of the viewers view the ads that matter. For instance, I have like 50 percent or a little less than 50 percent of the people that click one of my videos, sees the ad that’s how I make the money.

However, he revealed that less than 50 percent of his viewers actually clicked the ads and half of them used ad blockers. And he proceeded to make it clear that adblocker actually hurts creators in YouTube financially.

So yeah, the amount Mr.Fruit makes depends on different factors such as whether the content is advertiser-friendly, the number of views, and others. This article from has a more in-depth look at the ad revenue in YouTube.

Still, judging by the huge subscriber Mr.Fruit has and more than 9 billion views in videos to date, it’s safe to assume he makes an impressive amount through YouTube.

What Is His Net Worth Though?

Some platforms claim Mr. Fruit’s net worth stands at about 2 million. But to date, even hasn’t yet listed out the Twitch streamers’ net worth and if they did, it would be really hard to verify it like in most cases.

However, despite his valuation being unknown, he has an impressive business model set up by using his brand name, making it clear that Mr.Fruit is monetizing the heck out of his fame.

Business Ventures & Twitch

Besides Mr.Fruit’s self-titled channel, he makes content for his other platforms as well that includes a podcast channel titled GG Over Ez,  and a second channel called More Mr.Fruit. The latter has already more than 190K subscribers whereas his podcast has amassed almost 50K subs.

Likewise, another impressive earning platform for Mr.Fruit is his Twitch channel based on a paid tier model. Viewers are required to pay from around $4 to $10 to access some extra content on his channel and as per, he has accumulated more than 2500 paying subscribers already.

A look at the price subscribers have to pay in his twitch ( Source:

Talking about his other business venture, Christian ( like many other creators) earns through merchandising as well. In 2019, he partnered with Advanced, an American gaming supplement company by releasing items such as comics, limeade jars, and shakers for sale.

A glimpse at Mr.Fruit’s merch titled Fruitsan ( Source:

Also, apparel ( especially tees) with his brand name is sold through the marketplace “Design By Humans”.

How To Contact Mr.Fruit For Business Purposes?

Interested company or individual can mail at to collab with Christian Miller AKA Mr.Fruit for business.

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